Planetary Notes for The Week

Dec 3, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |


Planetary highlights for the week starting December 4, 2023, include Venus entering Scorpio, Neptune stationing direct, and – in anticipation of next week’s retrograde – Mercury at greatest evening elongation.




Mercury reaches its greatest evening star elongation of just over 21degrees on Monday morning. Being significantly out-of-bounds (25S36 declination) in a South of the ecliptic constellation, rather bright at -0.4 magnitude, this is arguably its least conducive evening star apparition of the year. Even in the Southern hemisphere it will be hard to see, despite its greatest elongation.

If Capricornian cognition, perception, and communication – in a Virgo synodic overstory – can ever be different and outside of ordinary limits of left-brain rationality and analysis, this is certainly the time for it.

The next Mercury retrograde approaches on Monday, December 11, with the Sagittarius New Moon.




Still within the throat chakra portal of the Leo synodic overstory, Venus enters Scorpio at 10:51am PST on Monday. Continuing to shine brilliant in the morning sky at magnitude -4.2, she rises a good two hours before dawn, about 43degrees ahead of the Sun, and is still near her maximum morning elongation.

Venus reaches her Heart Chakra descending portal on Saturday morning, December 9. Within the current Leo overstory and in the sign of Scorpio, only right use of personal Will, and sovereignty aligned with universal Will, can help open the Heart!




Remaining behind the Sun until January 8, 2024, Mars is off the world stage and enters the week at 7Sagittarius17 within 5degrees of the Sun. The hope is that he is receiving cosmic visions as the Underworld initiation proceeds.




Located at 6Taurus46Rx and dominating a great portion of the night sky at magnitude -2.8, Jupiter can still be found among the stars of the Ram Constellation, between Sheratan and Hamal. He approaches his station direct on December 31.




In opposition to the Virgo Moon on Monday, Saturn begins the week at 1Pisces18 in the stars of the Water Bearer Constellation and about two fists above the Royal Star Fomalhaut. Now an evening star, at magnitude 0.9, only Saturn and Fomalhaut are bright objects within the streams of the Water Bearer.




Though not visible to the naked eye, Neptune begins the week at 24Pisces53Rx and reaches stationary direct on Wednesday, 5:20am PST. Expect about a three-day period of Neptunian intensity, ranging from ungroundedness and uncertainty to an openness to divine celestial guidance and the loving “holding” felt from the Holy Mother. From this perspective, have a knowingness that all is well and the Universe is unfolding as it should, even during times where you don’t know who you are.

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