Pluto Goes Back into Capricorn and Other Highlights

JUNE 12, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |


Today, Sunday, June 11, at 2:47am PDT, Pluto re-entered Capricorn. Pluto’s first ingress into Aquarius since 1778 back in March was much heralded. However, Pluto barely touched into Aquarius and is now back in Capricorn, remaining there until January 20, 2024. And even then, Pluto will yet again backtrack into Capricorn from September 1, 2024, to November 19, 2024. Only thereafter it finally fully moves into Aquarius where it will remain for 19 years, until 2043.

Considering this, we are in a twilight zone of sorts, with the big question being:

Will Pluto still be exposing the shadow of Capricorn, or is it already zooming in on the dark side of Aquarius?  


Capricorn, at its best, signifies elder wisdom and authentic hierarchy. Its actual essence is concern for the many generations to come. However, one of the main functions offered by Pluto is exposing and amplifying the shadow of a sign. See my seminar on this here: (to access, sign up to our TOTAMS Community Forum for free!) 

The shadow of Capricorn includes corporate and bureaucratic control, with the emphasis on “quarterly profits” for the executives and shareholders. This has been evident with so-called private-public partnerships, a deceptive euphemism for fascism, defined as the merger of the state and corporations. 

It is these shadow realities which are now so out in the open, especially as not too long ago Saturn also traversed Capricorn. 


Equally, I have extensively emphasized the Aquarian shadow. See this YouTube playlist for example: Aquarius loves the collective and the group, and, deceptively, “democracy”. But remember that so many philosophers, as well as the U.S. founding fathers, warned us against democracy, as it easily becomes the tyranny of the majority. By some, this is called the “egregore”, the energetic component of mob rule, and more recently referred to as mass formation.  

Aquarius also loves technology and science, but how easily does that deteriorate into technology without morals and science becomes “scientism!” Under the idealistic cover of the “greater good”, a person’s liberty, individuality, and sovereign consciousness are all too easily being discarded.


These are confusing and deceptive times. When considering the combination of the Capricorn/Aquarius shadow, they can seem a great match. The merger of state and corporate sector (fascism) as a shadow hierarchy with totalitarian tendencies then aligns with a scientific elite to create things like AI-human hybridization, digital currency, bio-metric IDs, global pandemic treaties and the like. All this is promoted under the banner of the “greater good.” Meanwhile the sovereignty of nations, and more importantly of human beings, can so easily be overlooked. I love how my colleague, Dale O’Brien, expressed it in his March Minority Report: “Collaboration of the Ideologically Powerful”!

In our current times of the U.S. Pluto Return, the courage to see the shadow and to call it out, may well help prevent it from fully manifesting. Light-washing is futile.


On Monday, June 12, at 4:15PM PDT, the Moon aligns with Chiron at 19Aries16.  The great U.S. Solar eclipse of April 8, 2024, is at 19Aries24. The U.S. Chiron is at 20Aries08 and is rapidly moving into its fifth Chiron Return.  It’s easy to see this as a precursor event.

The next day, at 10:40pm PDT, the Moon conjoins Jupiter at 6Taurus08. Jupiter entered Taurus on May 16 and just recently transited the North Node in Taurus. Uranus and Vesta are in Taurus too. This signifies the possibility of a very different future for global humanity – a future where we are determined to make the Earth and organic human beings sacred again.

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