Pluto Retrograde and Mercury Conjunct The Sun

May 1, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |

Two events are capturing my attention as this week begins, leading up to the amplified penumbral Lunar eclipse on May 5. 

At 10:09am PDT on Monday, May 1, Pluto stations retrograde at 00Aquarius21. Pluto’s brief initial sojourn into Aquarius only lasts until June 11. Full entrance into Aquarius does not happen until January 20, 2024. Pluto has a bit more work to do in Capricorn.

I generally attribute a good three-day window around a station period. As always, these station points intensify Pluto’s initiatory powers. Fear not any chaos and events beyond one’s control. Allow yourself to feel all that you feel without judgment or censor. Allow all that needs to be composted to be composted. And above all, don’t take it personally. Carefully observe world events during this time, as many secrets may be revealed. May Day has historical and global significance, often connected to mass movements in opposition to hierarchy with passions and emotions greatly activated.

Meanwhile, later in the day on May 1 at 4:28pm PDT, Mercury conjoins the Sun at 11Taurus19Rx. This is the Mercury/Sun conjunction on the inside track, between the Earth and the Sun. We refer to this as the interior conjunction, always with Mercury retrograde. It is a most mysterious part of the Mercury cycle where the overall synthesis of the currently unfolding Capricorn synodic overstory shifts into a full metamorphosis, a whole new story.  Mercury has been in Taurus since April 3, preparing in many ways to be ready for the next synodic overstory. That Taurus overstory fully begins on May 14, when Mercury reaches stationary direct, and will last until September 15, 2023, a full 124 days.

An Earth sign like Capricorn, Mercury in Taurus has the intention to experience thoughts as things, not as mental abstractions or objectivations. While Mercury in a Capricorn overstory is more concerned with what gets accomplished and is practical, Mercury in a Taurus overstory is a time to slow down and savor thoughts, enjoy perceptions, and take pleasure in communications. Any goal or destination is less important than the present moment process of perceiving, cognizing, and communicating about Great Mystery.

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