Pluto stations at the Galactic Cross once in 248 years!

by Cayelin K Castell

Pluto Stations Direct Sept 11, 2009

In this time of the Turning of the Ages many highly significant and extremely rare planetary alignments have been occurring. September 11, 2009 marks Pluto’s station direct. Pluto’s stationary energy lasts for nearly a month before and a month after the exact station date with September 11 acting as the center point of this portal. This Pluto station direct (zero degrees and 39 minutes of Capricorn) is unique and powerful because it is occurring at the closest direct station to the December Solstice marker of zero Capricorn in 248 years. In 2008 Pluto stationed direct at 28 Sagittarius and in 2010 Pluto will station direct at 2 Capricorn 47. This year Pluto stations direct at 0 Capricorn 39.

Every 26,000 years for about 144 years the December Solstice aligns along the Galactic Cross (where the plane of our Galaxy intersects the plane of our Solar System) near Galactic Center. The center point of this al ignment was in 1998 with about 72 years on either side representing the window of the Turning of the A ges. When the current galactic cycle began 26,000 years ago it is possible that Pluto did not pass through Capricorn at that time and did not station at zero degrees Capricorn on the Galactic Cross.

The main point here is to emphasize the unique importance and rarity of this Pluto alignment. During any planetary station we experience a Still Point (a portal of infinite possibilities) in relationship to those planetary energies. Pluto is the single most important symbol we have for alchemical transformation, bringing the shadow to light for the purpose of experiencing greater empowerment, and shamanic death and rebirth.

When we add to this powerful aspect, the ongoing rare triple alignment of Neptune, Chiron, and Jupiter this year (all three planets are still within 5 degrees of each other), we know this time represents a nexus, connecting the ancient future in the here and now. All the timelines are converging. The portals and pathways of these varying expressions of time, from past to future, are all collapsing into the present moment. Past woundings are being transformed through Chiron’s healing gift, bridging ancient/future knowledge intended to support the present moment realization (Jupiter) of our future visions and dreams (Neptune).

We too have the opportunity to converge at this powerful nexus of planetary and galactic energies and ceremonially engage our heart-felt wonder celebrating the power of our shared connection in co-creation of the New Earth. This is the function of the New Earth Priest and Priestess, the guardians and keepers of the emerging mysteries, at the Turning of the Ages.

The opening line s of the Emerald Tablets of Hermes state, “That which is Below  corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, in the accomplishment of the miracle of One Thing.” This law of correspondence reminds us of our responsibility to know what is happening in the Great Above so we can more consciously co-create through our ceremonial intent the miracle of One Thing, the miracle of our connection to the ONE source of all, the miracle of love.

P.S. Pluto brings our fears to our attention as evidenced in recent events around the world. In the United States the battle over health care reform is bringing up huge fear and misinformation. This is being fueled by the Insurance Companies and Drug Companies who are spending millions of dollars to promote fear in an effort to defeat any changes that might interfere with their profits.
This debate is forcing us to look at how we have given away our right to determine our own path of health and vitality. The reality is these decisions have long been in the hands of the these companies who are profiting off the ill-health of others. Being willing to look at these shadowed aspects and take responsibility for our choices will prove to be ultimately empowering even though right now it looks like a chaotic mess. The old system must die for a new healthier system to take its place and letting go of the old is not easy when there is so much fear and money invested in the current system.

Here is a crazy idea that comes from the old Chinese system that paid their practitioners for assisting their patients to be healthy and then to maintain vibrant, vital health. Maybe it is time to think outside the box and move beyond the old model of healing the sick to a new model that primarily rewards those in the health care industry for assisting people in living healthy lives. This may not be practical in today’s world but it is an intriguing thought…


  1. Janet Booth

    I’m glad you mentioned the ancient Chinese health care system. The way I heard it, when you were well, you paid the doctor. When you were sick, the doctor paid you. Therefore, it behooved the doctor to keep you healthy. Also, when you were sick and couldn’t earn your living, you had income. Brilliant!

  2. Susan Merrick

    Please tell me of one government program that has a proven track record of working successfully. And please read the bill and use your own intelligence and common sense about how it will impact society, rather than depending on someone else’s rhetoric to inform you.

  3. Patricia L

    Ms. Cayelin,
    Is it just me or has not anyone wondered why the date of
    9-11 was chosen to become one of the worse happenings
    in history? When you mentioned the fact that Pluto was in
    its most center alignment on Sept. 11 it caused my heart to feel as if it were sinking in my chest. It brought back the memory of wondering why that number was chosen .
    Here is wishes that this 9/11 has something better to offer from the universe.

  4. diastella

    Interesting watching the transformation of your health system from a distance – like your mention of the ancient Chinese health care system – thing is: one shouldn’t pay for one’s health. Ultimately you are your own healer and so should reward yourself for your own health. The docotrs, insurance and drug companies are not responsible for your health. Only your are. We are in the third world here and trying to implement a health care system. The medical aid companies are up in arms that their system should be questioned after years of complete dominance. It is interesting times – this triple conjunction impacting health care systems across the globe and also maintenance and fixing enterprises e.g. waste water treatment and computer support companies. So health is encompassing more than just the human body

  5. gBecc

    Pluto plays such a huge role in my life, having 9 hits of Scorpio in my chart-scary. I am looking forward to a change in society with this Pluto station. Maybe instead of all the government hoops, mankind actually learns that his health is his own responsibility, that acts of aggression are bred in the dark secrets of even our own government, that mankind will, just maybe, stop killing someone somewhere because of a different religion or boundary. Maybe we will all realize in the same moment that religion has divided us all since the first one was divided by greed, and then we can all sit down together and listen to one another. How Plutonian is that?!!

  6. Brenda Johnson

    What incredible times! Regarding the debate on health care – its intriguing being on the outside of your great country. There is complete mis-information, lies actually about the Canadian health care system. We have had universal health care since the sixties – its a blanket, a sense of comfort and assurance to know that we can pay our government (through our taxes) to provide standards and checks and balances so that coverage of health can take place. The fear of “government” (which is “us” really), is so entrenched in the US psyche, and the so called value of “liberty”feeds into it. Liberty or freedom for/of what? In every country in the world, when health care and education are provided (not necessarily free, but determined by the people to be of utmost value, ensuring that government (people) provide that) it creates a higher standard of living, quality of life and future for all (check out Kerala, India) Corportization of basic needs has robbed people of their inherent connection with themselves and with each other. So, it becomes dog eat dog, competition, and survival.

    There is nothing to fear in having health care set standards and accountability by a government, after all, why are we voting for these people and paying them through our taxes to ensure our well being and future possibilities.

    In Canada, we have a very good quality of life, despite the sensationalizing of “wait” times and increasing costs. Increasing costs is contributing to the evolutionary need to let go of a lot of the allopathic approaches to health (which is the real culprit) and integrate different forms of healing. The hierarchy and institutional aspects of our so-called disciplines, such as medicine, is what needs to be re-aligned. In India, indigenous medicines, ayurvedic, homoeopathic, etc., are cheaper, safer, and every culture has its healing lineage, and healing through spiritual traditions, eg. with our native americans. We (in the western) are paying for an allopathic system which can only deal with a certain % of all illness. Pluto will show us the shadow side of all this so that we realize that true reform requires a transformation of immense proportions and will take time. This is only the flushing out stage and we get to see the shadow and the truth of our limited perceptions on these issues.

  7. alphamom

    As a healthcare and /wellness professional, we see both sides of the healthcare debate. While Government, in it’s present form cannot begin to take care of the people – and a complete and total overhaul is required – people need to become responsible for their own habits and healthcare beliefs as well.
    Also, other countries do not have high malpractice insurances,
    millions of people from other countries that utilize and drain their systems – (sometimes for ‘life’…) and many of the other problems we’ve allowed to grow here in the US.

    Health freedom is being taken from us daily by those who wish to profit from our ‘illness’ – and soon we shall have no choice.

    My favorite ‘bumper sticker’ to date is that “CRIME WOULDN’T PAY IF THE GOVERNMENT RAN IT” is still true today. There is so much waste, fraud, and abuse in every system that our Government has involvement. Until We – as a united people of earth – take responsibility for those we elect, our own behaviors – good and bad – and start to become part of the ‘plan’ instead of the problem – it can only get worse…

    The hope I have in the Aquarian age is that Pluto will transform through whatever means it must – each individual ‘self’ to see and work through their ‘shadow side’ and open to the intelligent and masterful lifeforms that we came here to be. To take our personal power and use it for what we can and work towards finding a ‘fair’ and equitable way to create the changes that must come. It all begins with the ‘individual’ who leads through example. It will take time.
    Everyone moves at their own ‘speed’ and there is much we do not know. Hopefully, Pluto will open the curtains and allow us to see the truth and reality hidden behind the words and intentions of those who seek to make the ‘changes.’ May the changes we experience be of the highest, order for the greatest good – and be made in the name of truth – instead of fear or greed!

  8. Andy

    Susan Merrick Said on August 17th, 2009 at 6:53 pm”

    “Please tell me of one government program that has a proven track record of working successfully.”

    OK, The Interstate Highway system and roads throughout the country, or the Fire Dept. or even State University Systems… to say nothing about Medicare.

  9. Delphine

    Perhaps with Pluto’s presence on Sept.11/09…there will be instead transmutation,transformation & regeneration..from the ashes. I too have plenty of Pluto in my chart .. having experienced death on many levels. Maybe the fertile soil for rebirth.

  10. Jane

    Jonathan Alter in Newsweek this week: “The core principle behind health-care reform is–or should be–a combination of Social Security Insurance and civil rights. Passage would end the shameful era in our nation’s history when we discriminated against people for no other reason than that they were sick. A decade from now, we will look back in wonder that we once lived in a country where half of all personal bankruptcies were caused by illness, where Americans lacked the basic security of knowing that if they lost their jobs they wouldn’t have to sell the house to pay for the medical treatments to keep them alive. We’ll look back in wonder–that is, if we pass the bill.” May we in the U.S. use this ‘still point’ to opt for a sane and compassionate future. Thanks for input from those of you ‘outside the system.’

  11. Pamela

    We are each given one body. How we care for it is our responsibility. When we are in attunement with it we can “sense” the need for extra awareness and care wherever the body needs that attention. Being aware of it’s needs and properly balancing them is also our responsibility.

    As for me, I simply want government to respect me as much as Congress respects it’s own health care. Their system is far superior to ours ……WHY? We need to fix that.

    All of us are equal….we should all have equal opportunity to access health care and supervision when needed. None of us should have to suffer illnesses that can be managed…..simply because we don’t have the money to pay the high fees and medicinal costs.

    Personally, I beleive in Physician….HEAL THYSELF. However, I do understand the need for a responsive health care system when needed for emergency or long standing health issues.

  12. Jerry W

    Hi Cayelin,

    Tried to post my thoughts along with some astr. commentary but it wouldn’t go through, and so I’m transposing it to one of my web-pages for you to read (if URL links are not active in this forum, just simply copy and paste it into your address search engine). Thanks……..

  13. cayelin

    Thank you Jerry your additions are worthy of further consideration. Your comments have inspired Daniel and I to include more of these aspects in our next monthly SAMS call – free to all SAMS Members.

    Also we just saw Bill Mahr interviewing Bill Moyers…a lot of great food for thought.

    Article here

    10 minute YouTube segment here

  14. cayelin

    Wow its clear this subject about Health Care really DOES bring up passionate feelings on all sides of this bringing to light the deep dysfunction of the current system. Thank you all for taking the time to share what is SO for you.

    I love what Bill Moyers said about us all being in the same boat. In Hawaii, where I have been the past two weeks, they say we are all in the same canoe…

    And it is clear we can not solve this problem on the level of the problem…or change it with the same consciousness that created it…

  15. GINI S. must certainly take responsibilty for your own heath care and healty living.
    I haven’t been to a doctor in 30 years, and am extremely health….herbs, vitamins, acupuncture, vegetarianism.
    this pluto station will be extremely timely, and very interesting…..

  16. Jerry W

    Hi Cayelin

    I’d be very interested if you might consider writing a special feature on the California wild-fires. The Los Angeles fires in particular may be nearing a crisis point with the approaching September 4th Pisces full moon. It will be in exact opposition to the natal Sun of the founding date of the city of Los Angeles (September 4, 1781; which also happens to be the year that planet Uranus was discovered). As a side note; the Pisces Full Moon is within orb of activating the waxing Uranus-Saturn opposition. Refer to the following articles……

    California Economics And The July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse

  17. Jerry W


    Danger In Paradise/ Los Angeles, Earthquakes, and the Galactic Centre

    Great Earthquakes and Other Disasters Will Affect Our Planet But When, Where, How?

    This article was prompted by the news in the Spring 2008 that scientists predict a significant earthquake to hit California within 30 years. Additionally, I received an email from a client who mentioned that a psychic told her that Southern California could expect a major quake on September 9, 2009. So I was intrigued to look into the possibilities using astrology.

    First of all earthquakes and natural disasters have been virtually impossible to predict but when examining past events you can definitely see signs of stress that could trigger a natural disaster but also war or economic upheavals. Saturn rules structures, economics, business and our Earth and Uranus rules sudden and unpredictable changes. These two planetary forces are currently approaching an opposition that will pit Saturn energies against Uranus.


  18. Curt

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