Pluto stations at the Galactic Cross once in 248 years!

by Cayelin K Castell

Pluto Stations Direct Sept 11, 2009

In this time of the Turning of the Ages many highly significant and extremely rare planetary alignments have been occurring. September 11, 2009 marks Pluto’s station direct. Pluto’s stationary energy lasts for nearly a month before and a month after the exact station date with September 11 acting as the center point of this portal. This Pluto station direct (zero degrees and 39 minutes of Capricorn) is unique and powerful because it is occurring at the closest direct station to the December Solstice marker of zero Capricorn in 248 years. In 2008 Pluto stationed direct at 28 Sagittarius and in 2010 Pluto will station direct at 2 Capricorn 47. This year Pluto stations direct at 0 Capricorn 39.

Every 26,000 years for about 144 years the December Solstice aligns along the Galactic Cross (where the plane of our Galaxy intersects the plane of our Solar System) near Galactic Center. The center point of this al ignment was in 1998 with about 72 years on either side representing the window of the Turning of the A ges. When the current galactic cycle began 26,000 years ago it is possible that Pluto did not pass through Capricorn at that time and did not station at zero degrees Capricorn on the Galactic Cross.

The main point here is to emphasize the unique importance and rarity of this Pluto alignment. During any planetary station we experience a Still Point (a portal of infinite possibilities) in relationship to those planetary energies. Pluto is the single most important symbol we have for alchemical transformation, bringing the shadow to light for the purpose of experiencing greater empowerment, and shamanic death and rebirth.

When we add to this powerful aspect, the ongoing rare triple alignment of Neptune, Chiron, and Jupiter this year (all three planets are still within 5 degrees of each other), we know this time represents a nexus, connecting the ancient future in the here and now. All the timelines are converging. The portals and pathways of these varying expressions of time, from past to future, are all collapsing into the present moment. Past woundings are being transformed through Chiron’s healing gift, bridging ancient/future knowledge intended to support the present moment realization (Jupiter) of our future visions and dreams (Neptune).

We too have the opportunity to converge at this powerful nexus of planetary and galactic energies and ceremonially engage our heart-felt wonder celebrating the power of our shared connection in co-creation of the New Earth. This is the function of the New Earth Priest and Priestess, the guardians and keepers of the emerging mysteries, at the Turning of the Ages.

The opening line s of the Emerald Tablets of Hermes state, “That which is Below  corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, in the accomplishment of the miracle of One Thing.” This law of correspondence reminds us of our responsibility to know what is happening in the Great Above so we can more consciously co-create through our ceremonial intent the miracle of One Thing, the miracle of our connection to the ONE source of all, the miracle of love.

P.S. Pluto brings our fears to our attention as evidenced in recent events around the world. In the United States the battle over health care reform is bringing up huge fear and misinformation. This is being fueled by the Insurance Companies and Drug Companies who are spending millions of dollars to promote fear in an effort to defeat any changes that might interfere with their profits.
This debate is forcing us to look at how we have given away our right to determine our own path of health and vitality. The reality is these decisions have long been in the hands of the these companies who are profiting off the ill-health of others. Being willing to look at these shadowed aspects and take responsibility for our choices will prove to be ultimately empowering even though right now it looks like a chaotic mess. The old system must die for a new healthier system to take its place and letting go of the old is not easy when there is so much fear and money invested in the current system.

Here is a crazy idea that comes from the old Chinese system that paid their practitioners for assisting their patients to be healthy and then to maintain vibrant, vital health. Maybe it is time to think outside the box and move beyond the old model of healing the sick to a new model that primarily rewards those in the health care industry for assisting people in living healthy lives. This may not be practical in today’s world but it is an intriguing thought…

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