Ramblings, Ruminations and Reflections – Libra New Moon, Mars in the Underworld, and Other Matters – Oct New Moon 2021

From Daniel Giamario

October 10th is my 73rd birthday.  This is now my 52nd year since discovering astrology in 1969, after reading Dane Rudhyar’s book “The Astrology of Personality”.  This is also my 9th Venus return, as well as another Mercury return.  Being born with Mercury Retrograde means any Mercury synodic return will be Mercury retrograde at my birthday.  Here are a several things that have captured my attention for this week, and upcoming lunation.

THE LIBRA NEW MOON on Wednesday October 6th at 4:05AM PDT at 13Libra25

Mars is in the Underworld, behind the Sun until November 22nd.  I was not born with Mars in the Underworld, (though I do have Mars in Scorpio, the sign where Mars exits the Underworld on November 22nd), but the events around this New Moon are quite astounding for the world and the United States.  The following astrological events are unfolding:

October 1st:  Mars in Libra opposes Chiron in Aries

October 3rd:  Sun in Libra opposes Chiron in Aries

October 5th:  Moon in Libra opposes Chiron in Aries

October 6th:  Exact New Moon at 4:05PM PDT at 13Libra25

October 6th:  Moon in Libra conjunct Mars in Libra (5:04AM PDT) which is not visible.

October 6th:  Pluto SD at 11:29AM PDT at 24Capricorn18   — A three day Plutonian initiatory intensity magnified by the long square with Eris, now at 24Aries20.

October 7th:   Sun conjuncts Mars at 9:01PM PDT at 15Libra05 in the Celestial Underworld.

October 9th:  Sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde in the Interior Underworld at 9:18AM PDT at 16Libra35

October 9th:  Mercury and Mars conjunct in the Underworld at 16Libra16 at 3:48PM PDT,   Mercury is in-between the Earth and Sun, and Mars on the other side of the Sun; neither are visible.

October 10th:  Saturn SD at 7:17PM PDT at 6Aquarius52   — A three day Saturnian initiatory intensity (see below).  This also ends the nine month Saturn conjunction with the US South Node.

October 17th:  Jupiter SD at 10:30PM PDT at 22Aquarius19

October 18th:  Mercury SD at 8:17AM PDT at 10Libra07 is close to the New Moon degree and also opposes the US Saturn.

This all is quite an amazing, rare, and deeply intense initiatory time-frame, with personal and collective implications.  The gathering of Mars, Sun, Moon, and Mercury all together in the Underworld at the same time, with Chiron involved (as well as Eris at 24Aries22 opposing Mercury, whilst maintaining her long square to Pluto).

Implications for the United States

With Saturn direct on October 10th, , this will complete the 9 month initiatory time-frame of Saturn conjunct its South Node at 6Aquarius35, which began February 3, 2021.  I have written about this as an opportunity for the United States to face facts about its past and take responsibility for the betrayal of the original Aquarian ideals.  The Chironic and Plutonian aspects are foreshadowing the US Pluto and Chiron returns of 2022 and 2023.  Meanwhile, The Neptune transit to its second only opposition to the US Neptune continues, with its square to the US Mars in Gemini.  Certainly the confusion, numerous deceptions, and increased bifurcations can be expected.  Mercury also being retrograde now adds to this.  The United States, incidentally, also has Mercury retrograde natally.

The Mars in the Underworld factor

Our hopes are that a war scenario will not break out to distract attention.  The current Mars synodic overtone is the sign of Aries, and is in the Underworld phase from August 23-November 22nd.  The previous times that happened were Summer/Fall of 1910, Summer/Fall of 1942, and Summer/Fall of 1989.  A deeper look at this rhyming pattern is useful and revelatory.  It’s always roughly the same season with the Aries overtone.

  1. September, 24, 1909:  This Mars Aries Overtone began at the Sun/Mars opposition at 1Aries.

The Underworld phase was from August 13th- November 11th, 1910.  The exact Sun/Mars conjunction was at about 3Libra on September 27th.  Mars rose from the Underworld at 3Scorpio on about November 11th, 1910.  This time-frame included the set-up for WWI and the secret collusion of the robber barons to present themselves as saviors of the failing US economy and soon create the Federal Reserve and the income tax.

  1. October 11, 1941:  This Mars Overtone Aries began at the Sun/Mars opposition at 17Aries.  The Underworld phase was from August 22nd-November 20th, 1942.  The exact Sun/Mars conjunction was October 5th at about 12 Libra.  Mars rose from the Underworld at about 12Scorpio on November 20th, 1942.  This was obviously the intensity of WWII, and during the underworld phase was the Battle of Stalingrad with millions of deaths, as well as the first use of the word “holocaust”, as the death camps were first revealed.
  2. September 28, 1988:  This Mars Overtone Aries began at the Sun/Mars opposition at 6Aries.  The Underworld phase was from August 16th-November 15th, 1989.  The exact Sun/Mars conjunction was October 4th at about 10Libra.  Mars rose from the Underworld at about 7Scorpio on November 15th, 1989.  This time-frame included when the Berlin Wall came down beginning the breakup of the Soviet Union; also the massive Savings and Loans economic scandal in the United States.
  3. October 13, 2020:  The current Mars Overtone Aries began at the Sun/Mars opposition at 21Aries.  The Underworld phase, currently happening, is from August 23-November 22nd, 2021.  The exact Sun/Mars conjunction is October 7th at 15Libra05.  Mars will rise from the Underworld at 15Scorpio48 on November 22nd, 2021.

Please be aware of this pattern, as much can be learned from it.  I, at some point, also want to research the times when Mars and Mercury retrograde, are in the Underworld at the same time.  This is happening now from September 27th-October 18th.  So much negative-tinged emphasis (too much in my opinion) is given to Mercury retrograde, but coupled with a much rarer Mars in the Underworld, as well what I have commented upon in the previous article on the “Neptune Effect” with the US chart, suggests to be a truly significant time-frame for the United States.  And it’s always good to learn from history.  So far, not so much seems to have been learned.  In addition, so much about these 2021 cycles are but mere foreshadows of what is to come in 2022-2024.

It’s interesting to note that the chart of the United States has Mercury retrograde at 24Cancer11.  This week, with transiting Neptune exactly squaring the United States Mars in Gemini, and now coupled with Mercury retrograde, one can only imagine the increased confusion, delusion and expanded bifurcation already occurring.  Try trying to “figure it out”, if you dare.  All is not as it seems.

Individually, the very same inquiries apply.  It’s hard to imagine when the Three Worlds Approach has not been more important.  As Mercury is transforming into its Libran overtone, with the Libra New Moon, may the best qualities of Libran diplomacy and peace-making be put to use, whilst not being naïve about it.  In some ways, Libra, at this time, with Mars and Mercury in the Underworld, can very much imply: “No more Mister Nice Guy”.  But remember to also be compassionate and aware of all points of view.

I have recently been reading a book written by Kary Mullis, winner of the Nobel Prize for inventing the PCR test.  It’s called “Dancing Naked in The Mind Field”.  The PCR test is being fraudulently used for creating “cases”.  Mullis, who died just before the pandemic scenario was launched, warned that the test should not be used as a diagnostic tool.  I mention this because he also was Mercury Retrograde (in Sagittarius).  And amazingly he also had Mars (in Sagittarius) in the Underworld on his natal chart!  He loved astrology, and I will quote here a passage from his book:  “I was born at 17:58 Greenwich Mean Time on December 28, 1944 in Lenoir, North Carolina.  You can find out more about me from that than you can from reading this book”.  (page 153).  I highly recommend this book, written in 1998, which explains current unfolding events with an uncanny prescience.  Mullis died in 2019.

I still plan a Part 4 to the extensive US chart research soon, to look at progressions, the Jupiter conjunction with Neptune in 2022, and the Lunar Standstill season of 2024-2025.

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