February 1st, 2022 – NEW MOON

My View of Actual Global History has Further Deepened

By Daniel Giamario

In addition to my work with the school and the organic evolution of our astrological paradigm, my other main interest has been extensive research into the covered up history and back-story of global humanity.  I have often used the question, inelegantly stated as “Who are we and what the hell happened”?  I have offered many seminars and written many articles on this subject; most recently my vlogcast/rant called “300,000 years of human history: Evolution or Devolution?”  You can see it by clicking HERE.  Much new research is also included in my recent free seminar: “What is the Turning of the Ages?”, which you can see by clicking HERE.

My main views on this subject include the following:

  1. Global humanity finds itself at the end of the Kali Yuga, the end of possibly 12 precessional cycles (312,000 years), the end of the Mayan/Hopi 5th Sun, and the 6th Mass extinction.
  2. This is a time that enshrines materialism, with the deepest descent being artificial intelligence and the bogus Human 2.0, called egregiously by the World Economic Forum(WEF) and global elite’s  favorite philosopher, Yuval Harari: Homo Deus.
  3. Prior to about 6000 years ago, global humanity was cooperative and peaceful.  There were no organized professional armies.  This view has been popularized by Lithuanian archeologist/anthropologist Marija Gimbutas, and Riane Eisler, author of the well-known books: “The Chalice and the Blade” and “Sacred Pleasure”.  Eisler also brought to the public the concept of “gylany”, meaning a cooperative, sharing and non hierarchical society with equality between men and women.  Their research and philosophy helped shaped my own philosophy; in particular research on the Neolithic cultures.  Significantly the 6000 years ago  time frame corresponds generally with the beginning of Kali Yuga (said to be 5698 years ago), the start of the Mayan 5th Sun ( 5125 years ago), and the start of an entire season in the great precessional cycle, with the advent of the “Age of Taurus”( 6459 years ago).  This time frame will greatly figure into the newly discovered contributions.

The Signs of our Time: the Multiple Aberrations

  1. Hierarchical Patriarchy
  2. Patrilineal Family Structure
  3. Fundamentalist Monotheism
  4. Dominion over Nature
  5. Materialism and Scientism
  6. Abstracted language
  7. Recorded and linear history replaces oral history and cyclical understanding; also known as the “myth of progress”.

The Recent Research and Influencers

Previously in newsletter Ramblings, I have offered reviews and information about two researchers that have corroborated my always organically growing viewpoints.  One is Dr.Lynne Kelly with her essential book: “The Memory Code”.  This adds an additional and remarkable understanding of what our Neolithic forebears were up to with the megalithic temples and sacred sites. This greatly added to my knowledge and experience of the megalithic temples of Scotland, England and Ireland, which were the locus of my “Renaissance of the Sacred” trips with Anyaa McAndrew.  The other author is the amazing Robert Lawlor with his books: “Voices of the First Day” and “Earth Honoring”.  His research has been primarily about hunter/gatherer societies in Australia and Dravidian India.  Relative to the themes listed above, he explores the quite different cultural patterns of these peoples with regards to sexuality, male/female relations, oral histories, their views of cycles, and matrineal family structure.  Most importantly he feels that patriarchy is always the final stage of great cycles, and always a sign of imminent dissolution; the clearest sign of devolution.  I could not agree more!

James DeMeo and Wilhelm Reich

Very recently, my wife and I have become enamored with many of the contemporary outgrowths of the work of the often discredited psychologist and research scientist, Wilhelm Reich, and particularly with orgone energies.  It has inspired me to return to what I knew of Reich back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, when there was a resurgence of interest in his revolutionary ideas.  Back then, he was a major influence on such radical, at that time, therapies like Gestalt, Rolfing, and Primal Scream therapies, as well as the early versions of the Diamond Heart Approach, and the early expressions of what, at that time, was known as Rebirthing.  Even today, you can find Reichian and neo-Reichian practitioners (not to be confused with Reiki!)

There is a great connection between his views on sexuality and his concept of body armoring that strongly align with our schools understanding of the Scorpio and Taurus Mystery Schools of Life, and our understanding of involution.  These views placed him at odds with the scientific and psychological establishment, and together with the FDA, his books were burned, and he died in prison in the early 1957!  A sad story and quite reminiscent of what is happening today in our cancel culture.  The other area of thought that placed him at odds with the scientific and mainstream establishment was his deconstruction of tyranny, in both fascism and communism.  We could sure use him today!

My new favorite researcher is James DeMeo, the world’s leading voice championing Reich, and also continuing Reich’s research, mostly suppressed to this day.  Among Reich’s scientific research was an emphasis on Ether, the fifth element, which he thought in its unmanifest form was God/Spirit, and in its manifest form, he termed orgone (similar to the Eastern concepts of Chi and Prana).  This was contrary to the 20th century materialism that wrote Ether out of science early in the 20th century, despite its really foundational presence in pre 20th century science and philosophy.

Although all of his books are worth being made aware of and reading, in particular, and in harmony with my current research, is his really incredible book: “Saharasia:The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse, Sex Repression, Warfare and Social Violence in the Deserts of the Old World”.  Along with Robert Lawlor, no researcher and writers have been quite so articulate in corroborating and influencing my evolving thesis.  Here is why:

  1.  He sees the great turning point global humanity’s devolution as being about 6000 years ago.
  2. He creates a highly credible geographic analysis that the many aberrations stemmed from previous climate change and desertification, and that new cultural traditions emerged in the Sahara, Egypt, the Levant, and Central Asia.
  3. In each area highly armored, sexually repressive, patriarchal, and anti-women cultures emerged, that now dominate most of the world.
  4. Rather than using the controversial and misunderstood terms of matriarchal or patriarchal, he uses the words “Matrist” and “Patrist”, with the respective meanings that almost perfectly match my primary thesis.  I plan to adopt this nomenclature.

I will include here his comprehensive list of the characteristics of these two different kinds of culture and so-called civilization.  This is from page 5 of “Saharasia. Apologies for being incapable of cleaning up a JPEG cut and paste!

In summary, these three books, and especially those of DeReo and Lawlor, express views that are in near complete contrast with those of the established mainstream dogmas of history, anthropology, archeology, and sociology.  The “consensus” views support linear progress, a flawed definition of so-called “civilization” and alleged human nature, along with the belief that humans are naturally warlike and competitive, and have always been so.  Most egregiously, they often hold the belief that patriarchy (Patrist) cultures are a natural stage of evolution.  Conversely, these writers and researchers, and I, hold the polar opposite view, that it is an aberration, a sign of devolution, and an extremely important indicator of the very end of great cycles of history.  A worthy discussion, of course, is whether most of this is actualy not, from a really wide objective view, aberrations, but rather exactly what needs to happen when Shiva, in service to a wounded Shakti, decides to compost much, if not all, before a new breath of new creation.

Though I have shared this before, I will include here an excerpt from Robert Lawlor about Kali Yuga”

From Robert Lawlor book: “Voices of the First Day”.  Pg.76

“The Vishnu Pranas, a mythological text of the Hindus, described it this way:

“Kali brought sin into the world.  In the Kali Age the proper order of human relations is reversed; social status depends upon the ownership of property; wealth has become the only source of virtue; passion and luxury are the sole bonds between spouses; falsity and lying are the conditions of success in life; sexuality is the sole source of human enjoyment; religion, a superficial and empty ritual, is confused with spirituality



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