Mind-Blowing Reading Recommendations from Daniel Giamario

from Daniel Giamario

Over the last 6 months, I have had the opportunity for reading and research, and I have made some remarkable discoveries, filling in my knowledge in a lot of different areas. Below are 3 categories. All have application to the Shamanic Astrology paradigm, as well as my primary motivating life quest to answer the question; “who are we and what the hell happened”?

Historical Books

Imhotep, the African, Architect of the Cosmos
By Robert Bauval and Thomas Brophy, 2013

I love Robert Bauval’s books. This is the follow up to the highly provocative Black Genesis, also by the Bauval/Brophy team, that I have mentionedImhotep book during SAMS classes. There is so much in these 2 books that I can only skim the surface here.

If you are interested in the latest research on the genesis of the pyramidal wisdom, if you want to know about Vega and Sirius, and if you ever wondered about Imhotep, who designed the Djosser Step Pyramid, and where he came from, this book is for you. Also, the latest research about Nabta Playa, the prehistoric megalithic structure in upper Egypt, that well antedates the pyramids, and last but not least, the amazing story of Seshat, in the ancient “stretching of the cord” ceremony, using Sirius and the stars of the Big Dipper.

An entire section of the book describes the way the ancient Egyptians saw the rebirth of a planet or star during that time period just before its heliacal rise. I plan to write in greater depth on this topic describing how this supports our view on where the synodic cycles of Venus and Mercury actually begin.

The Origin Map, Discovery of a Prehistoric, Megalithic, Astrophysical Map of the Structure of the Universe
By Thomas Brophy, 2002

This book details Brophy’s extensive work on the Nabta Playa Upper Egypt site mentioned above. There is solid research, and mind-bending speculation. Brophy is a fabulous exponent of the knowledge of the 26,000 year cycle, the world ages, and all things about the precession.

The Vatican Heresy: Bernini and the Building of the Hermetic Temple of the Sun
By Robert Bauval and Chiara Hohenzollern, 2014

This is Robert Bauval’s very latest, written with Hohenzollern, expanding on his central mission throughout his books. It is to reopen and then expand the awareness of the rhetorical question posed by Hermes Trismegistus: “Do you not know, Asclepius, that Egypt is made in the image of heaven?”

Bauval is a promoter of the spiritual traditions, of which the Egyptian religion is one, that the goal of humanity is to bring heaven to earth. That is to say that the “As Above So Below” knowledge reveals the original and prototypal world spiritual tradition. This book is somewhat of a follow-up to the highly recommended “The Master Game”, written with Graham Hancock. The Vatican Heresy describes a secret hermetic project during the Renaissance, right in front of the Vatican, with an attempt to bring Hermeticism and the Egyptian religion back into Christianity. Included is late-breaking speculation regarding Pope Francis.

The King Arthur Conspiracy: How a Scottish prince became a Mythical Hero
By Simon Andrew Sterling, 2012

Finally a book that comprehensively tells the entire Arthur story, without the Glastonbury/English/Christian biases. Ever since my 1987 Scotland trip, I have heard the Scottish versions of the story, including the Irish and Pictish connections. It felt to be true. This book puts it all together.

Sterling also includes much mythic and historical material, including linguistic analysis, clearly establishing who Arthur, Merlin, Gwinevere, and Avalon were, and what the Holy Grail was. If these themes have interested you, then this is the book you’ve been waiting for. Without giving it all away, I shall offer a clue: IONA. Amazing research!

Before the Pyramids: Cracking Archeology’s Greatest Mystery
By Christopher Knight and Alan Butler, 2011

I have always been fond of Christopher Knight and Alan Butler. I particularly love their book Civilization One, which among other things, suggests that an earlier culture used a 366 degree system, rather than 360 degrees, and that there once existed a universal set of measures based on the unique relationship of the Earth, Moon, and Sun. I particularly enjoy their validation of Alexander Thom (one of my heroes), and his discovery of the Megalithic Yard.

Before the Pyramids is their latest book taking these themes even further. Primarily based on the measurements taken at the Thornborough Henges (that we recently visited) in North Yorkshire England, they suggest that the Giza Pyramid building knowledge and technology was in the British Isles before the Egyptian Pyramids. Other recent research in the Orkneys, Aberdeenshire, and near Stonehenge has now pushed dates back to 10,000 B.C. in the British Isles. This is a fun book to read and concludes with some rather interesting speculation about Washington D.C.’s sacred geometry and the Pentagon.

The Cygnus Mystery: Unlocking the Ancient Secret of Life’s Origin in the Cosmos
By Andrew Collins, 2008

I had not been aware of Andrew Collins until our most recent trip to Callanish and the UK. Whilst in Avebury, I came upon this book. Collins is the dean of alternative history and archaeology researchers in the UK. This book is mind blowing. Just when you think that it was Orion and Sirius that are the ancient keys to the Megalithic Age, along comes Collins asserting that it’s actually all about Cygnus (the Swan), and Deneb, the north star circa 15,000 B.C.

I find this intriguing since I had noticed way back in the 1990’s that three stones of Callanish III were arranged in the configuration of the so-calledCygnus Mystery book cover Summer Triangle, that includes Deneb, Altair, and Vega. Also, the inner shape of the passageway of Newgrange, and the shape of Callanish 1, are very much like the stars of Cygnus. Collins even asserts that the three main stars of the wings of Cygnus are an even more exact match on the three Giza pyramids than is Orion.

But beyond these speculations, what I really enjoyed about this book is that it takes the human story back to the Age of Scorpio, when Deneb was the north star. And it must be noted here, that of all the possible north stars, only Deneb (along with Sadr, also in Cygnus) are in the Milky Way. During that time in history, the north star Deneb would be seen at the top of the sky with the Milky Way perpendicular to the horizon, all the way down to the Southern Cross.

An added bonus is really wild ideas about Cygnus X-3. Of particular interest to all Rush fans. Possibly we have been too hung up with the events of 13,000 years ago (the Egyptian Zep Tepi) and can now go back another quarter turn on the great precessional wheel to the Age of Scorpio. Just this month, Collins’ new book about Gobleki Tepe is coming out, certainly with new revelations on these themes.

Links to Gobekli Tepe Articles by Andrew Collins:
This link is about his new book Göbekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods http://www.andrewcollins.com/page/news/

Two Books I Recommend together are:

Eden in the East: the drowned continent of SouthEast Asia
By Stephen Oppenheimer, 1998


Atlantis: the lost continent finally found 
By Prof. Arysio Santos, 2011

If you have ever been dissatisfied with the usual accounts about Atlantis, for example, somewhere in the Atlantic, possibly the Mediterranean, or even Antarctica, then prepare to have your mind blown here. And at this point in time for me, I am utterly convinced that the authors of these two books are correct about where “civilization” flourished during the Ice Age, and where the sea peoples set out from after the ice melted, and their continent was flooded.

The location is Sundaland. In the South Asian regions of Indonesia, Malaysian Borneo, the Philippines, etc., as recently as 8000 B.C. was an entire continent above sea level. Reading both books will give you the whole story.

Unfortunately, Prof. Santos passed away some years back and did not complete his research. Graham Hancock has been following up recently with his expeditions to Indonesia and Sulawesi. As for Stephen Oppenheimer, he is now involved with the Bradshaw Foundation and has written subsequent books on DNA and the peopling of the world. His Sundaland views have shaken up the orthodoxy of mainstream historians and anthropologists.

Books on Psychology

The Force of Character and the Lasting Life
By James Hillman, 2004

The works of James Hillman have always been on our suggested reading lists. His book from the 1970’s, Re-visioning Psychology, was a major influence in my early interest in re-mythologizing astrology. I finally had a chance to read this truly inspiring and revelatory book about aging and the last phase of life.

Among its numerous delights, page 176 offers an amazing endorsement of astrology. In harmony with the mission of SAMS, Hillman is a fierce advocate for uniqueness, and offers a deep critique of conformity, holding that our latter years are where our deepest archetypal authenticity emerges as our character.

Why Good People Do Bad Things
By James Hollis, 2007

After James Hillman and Sylvia Perera, my favorite Jungian and archetypal psychologist is James Hollis.

I have previously recommended two of his books: The Eden Project, as it is the closest match to the SAMS view of Sacred Marriage, and Under Saturn’s Shadow, my favorite book on the masculine. Why Good People Do Bad Things is one of the best books I have read on the Shadow. If you have ever wanted to do deeper inquiry into the Shadow, and issues like the dilemma of Job, this book is a must.

Books of Interest

Who Owns the Future?
By Jaron Lanier, 2013

Author of the amazing You are not a Gadget, Lanier is not an easy read, but is utterly convincing about the dangers of the internet and social networking. Written by the creator of Virtual Reality, Lanier is no Luddite, though he is a radically humanist version of the technologist, always putting people first.

If you have ever felt that something is amiss with the internet and the giant corporations and spying organizations that are running it and most everything else, you must read this book. Lanier has not written a negative book, it is written with solutions.

Valuable Links

Graham Hancock’s Weekly Science Report: Science Information and Discoveries you rarely hear about in the mainstream: http://lists.grahamhancock.com/mailman/listinfo/hancock-announce

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