Report from Bali

By Daniel Giamario

Lynne and I just spent nearly a month on Bali. This was our first visit to Bali and it was amazing.  We had the opportunity to visit Danau (formerly Sao), a certified Shamanic Astrologer who recently moved there. I also had the opportunity to visit old friends from past Maui times.

It was a wonderful month, with many adventures and healing experiences for both Lynne and me. It is interesting to note that Bali is 2010 April C and D 00888actually what it is ”cracked up to be”, that is if you get away from an overwhelming tourist scene, and get into the culture and their amazing spiritual traditions that combine the best of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Chinese ancestor reverence.

Of particular interest to me was learning how, if you place the shape of the stars in the constellation of Draco (the dragon/snake encircling the spinal cord of the Earth), first over India, and then over China, the end of the tail of Draco shows up over Bali, coming from both directions. This is truly, a fantastic example of “As Above, So Below.” It turns out that the oldest temples in Bali from the 8th to the 10th century, feature 2 dragons at their entrances.

Shamanic Astrology In Bali
400px-Arjuna_statueThe ease and flow of the Bali experience created connections with people and places that indicated to me it would be easy to setup a Shamanic Astrology Mystery School extended intensive there. I am thinking of a 10-day Script and Archetype Intensive that would serve as a first-time entry level course, as well as an advanced chart analysis event and/or a graduation event.

Within the 10 day time frame of this event there would be 4-5 days of classes (similar to a regular in-person intensive), an add on day for advanced class work, if there are participants who want that time with me, plus outings that would include:

  • Trips to temples on the side of the highest volcano
  • Day-long teaching from a Balinese cultural practitioner
  • Water healing ceremonial with a Balinese high Priestess
  • Boat journey to a Goddess cave temple on a nearby island
  • R & R at a beautiful beach

If you are interested please let me know as soon as possible. Because, if there is sufficient interest, this event could take place as early as June or July of this year. The other option is to put this on the calendar for 2015.

Since I am now primarily based in Asia (and Maui) it is easier for me to set this type of event up. Again if you are interested please email and let me know. We only need 10-12 participants to make this happen!

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