Revealing the 8th Principle of Shamanic Astrology

The Renaissance of the Sacred Feminine Reveals
the Eighth Main Principle of Shamanic Astrology

By Daniel Giamario, and guest contribution from Cristina Moreira

For many years there have been seven main principles of Shamanic Astrology. You can review them here

Particularly relevant to this discussion is the seventh principle that states: “Shamanic Astrology especially values the Divine Feminine, the Circle of Grandmothers, and that the Earth Mother is ultimately whom we serve at this Turning of the Ages”.  The Eighth principle follows from the Seventh, and will be revealed at the conclusion of this article.

Over the last four years, this Eighth principle has emerged through the events and experiences within the Renaissance of the Sacred Feminine workshops that I co-create and co-facilitate with Anyaa McAndrew, one of the original certified Shamanic Astrologers and an Advisory Council member.

These past years, we have taken groups to Ireland, Scotland, and Wiltshire, England. This year we will again to travel to Wiltshire at crop circle season, and also include the Preseli Hills in Wales for the first time. You can find more about this trip here. I would also recommend the seventh episode of the Further Adventures of Shamanic Astrology YouTube video that I created with Gemini Brett, where we discuss this 8th principle.

The Vision Statement for the Renaissance of the Sacred Feminine is:

This group is dedicated to the awareness and preservation of global humanities connection to its Feminine, Earth Mother, Mother Goddess, and matrilineal roots. We create together at sacred sites to recognize and reanimate these connections, and to help re-dream a new world, founded on gylany, the collaboration of Men and Women as equals, without ranking or hierarchy.

We utilize a group and circle context using Shamanic Astrology and Earth/Sky ceremony. We specialize in experiencing ancient megalithic sites and sacred landscape around the world, connecting with local experts with shared vision, in each area. We have a particular love of the time-frame of 2000-4500BC, the Neolithic and Megalithic Golden Age. We feel that it is possible, and even necessary, to reconnect to our ancient DNA and karmic memories of a far longer time in human history, encompassing 200,000 years, when global humanity lived in much greater harmony and peaceful cooperation. Perhaps we can find who we are and what actually happened!

Onward to Portugal 

In 2017 we are holding our first ever official SAMS Cosmology and Night Sky training in the magical land of Portugal. This event continues reweaving the strands of who we really are, as we re-connect with our land and sky based roots, honoring and holding sacred, global humanity’s links with our matrilineal and gylanic lineage.

This course is being held near some of the oldest and most spectacular megalithic structures in Europe, and are a significant part of the same cultural awareness that we have discovered in Ireland, Scotland and England. Most particularly we also find direct connections to our past that honoured the Sacred Feminine.

Our Portugal guest presenter and member of the SAMS Earth Quadrant, Cristina Moreira, offers these observations:

“There is a sense of ancestry that is still very alive all through out Portugal. Being the oldest country in Europe with the same defined borders since the 13th century. The feeling of mystery that exists here is infused with mists of ancient prophecies in this Westernmost country of Europe. Portugal was founded in the 12th century by the original Knight Templars, the Keepers of the Grail and the recipients of the ancient Sacred Wisdom connected to the Sacred Feminine, the Womb. The name Portugal is said to have come from Por-tu-Graal meaning either “Through You the Grail” or “Port of the Grail”.

Before the Roman conquest in the 2nd Century AD, the predominant people living in the area were the Celts and related to them, the Lusitans ( meaning people of the Light ) – and their social structure consisted of a matrilineal and gylanic organization.

The beautiful landscape of the country facing the Atlantic Ocean holds very ancient vestiges of occupation from successive cultures. The Celtic heritage is still very strong and noticeable around the country having left a strong imprint in the folk culture.

Witnesses from ancient times, from at least 5000 to 8000 years ago, include a considerable number of Standing Stones, Dolmens and Stone Circles. They have been holding space for our collective Memory to resurge. This includes ways of Honoring the Sacred Feminine – the body of Gaia, the Earth Mother. This is about She and how She was honoured in those ancient times of Peace and Harmony between her children, when men and women lived in an healthy connection with the Earth and were attuned to Her mysteries.

The Call to Wisdom that this memory holds has been rising stronger and stronger. There is a very well known local prophecy that started to spread through a few Portuguese mystical channels from the 17th century about the coming of the Fifth Empire (or Age). This Fifth Empire known as the Empire of the Holy Spirit (symbolized by the Dove representing the Feminine qualities of God) is a global movement of Love and Peace between Men and Women destined to begin in Portugal and then spread across the planet.

During the time of the September Equinox we will have the opportunity to gather in Circle and Ceremony in the sacred space that has been held for thousands of years by some of the most ancient Standing Stones in Western Europe. Here we will revive the memory that they hold, while connecting to the As Above, So Below Mysteries under the abode of the outstanding  starry skies of the Night Sky Reserve in the Alentejo region of Portugal.”

We Hope to See You There for this Magical Event!
Details including how to register for the Portugal Cosmology event

The Eighth Principle

Shamanic Astrology believes that the greater history of global humanity embraced collaboration, cooperation, and a system of non-ranking (gylany) between men and women, with little or no hierarchy or dominator ideals. 200,000 years of our common DNA still reflects this, and these realities can still be accessed. Only in the last 5000 years have we seen the triple aberration of hierarchical patriarchy, patrilineal family structure, and more recently, monotheistic dogma. Universally, for a far greater time, holding the Earth sacred, and valuing the Feminine, was fundamental to society. It is an objective of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School to restore and then dream forward this reality through the Renaissance of the Sacred Feminine.

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