Sagittarius Full Moon

May 21, 2024 | by Vivian Hurley |

Moon 2 Sagittarius 55 opposes Sun 02 Gemini 55


The Quest for Truth


Sagittarius represents the Quest for the “truth” and for continual renewal of vision. Sagittarius explores the expansion of the self to the widest possible horizons. The Sagittarius archetype is about our search for meaning, truth, freedom, and ultimately our personal connection with Spirit. This path reminds us of the fact that what we see is only a very limited and superficial representation of what is actually happening. We live from only a fragment of our potential. Under the Sagittarius influence, we are driven by a deep soul urge to become more conscious, so that we can awaken to an expanded reality, experience a richer, more meaningful life, and relate to our soul.

Sagittarius resonates with the planet Jupiter, both naturally optimistic, positive, and are driven to expand our horizons. The downside of this upbeat attitude is that in our unconscious state, our naïveté and gullibility set us up to be easy prey of unscrupulous predators, and exploitative systems, which profit from our innocent and trusting attitude.

We must examine our core beliefs and learn to differentiate between what is dishonest, illusive, and wishful thinking and what is realistic, honest, true, and within our scope of attainment.

Most likely, we don’t even really know what we believe. Our beliefs reflect only what we have been told, cultural programming and opinions. Spiritual Naïveté can also manifest as fanaticism, and blind faith, in religious beliefs and spiritual dogmas. We submit to authorities, and too easily believe and do what we are told. We ignore warnings and fail to investigate the reality of what is being presented. Without caution, we jump on the band wagon before knowing what we are committing to.

It is a sign of lack of inner connection with our own truth when we accept imposed dogmas and adopt principles to compensate for feeling inferior and insecure. In our naïve state, we can be easily overwhelmed by others’ opinions, and succumb to the way they (and we) want things to be. Our individualization process includes learning to discriminate and taking the time to check out the validity and sincerity of ‘quick fix’ opportunities and ‘Do it NOW’ proposals.  Sagittarius can overreact and get burnt in the process. We empower ourselves as we learn to not be easily swayed by grandiose, extravagant, and overly optimistic promises.

The Sagittarian goal is to free ourselves from the bondage of limiting belief systems, so that we can enjoy living according to higher universal laws. Our neutral, unattached perspective offers us a cleaner window to view, experience, and understand the hidden meanings in life.

As we gain spiritual maturity, we recognize religious and spiritual manipulations that serve those in power, and their financial and egotistical interests. This includes exposing fanatical belief systems that legitimize the degradation and abuse of women and the Earth, support racism, foster cultural and ethnic superiority, deny human rights, and validate any form of exploitation.


Deep Listening, Silence and Intuition


Listening to the sound of silence is core to all spiritual practices. The mind must be silent to “hear” the Divine. With deep listening, we cultivate our ability to hear the sound of Silence. Your experiences will be more profound, more effective if you incorporate deep listening into your spiritual practice and into your daily life.

The purpose of deep listening is to turn our attention inward. As we tune into our inner space, we are able to identify and stop relating to what is called our “externalized ego”. We begin relating to our Essential Self or Soul. It is our Essential Self that accesses our intuition and finds the Infinite, which is our true identity.

One of the goals of meditative techniques is to tune into the neutral mind, where we can access higher states of consciousness. If we try to be silent without accessing our neutral channel, silent meditation often gets stuck in watching our thoughts and replaying our neuroses.

Every day be silent and practice listening within. We need to spend this silent time with ourselves, every morning before we start our workday. Simply sit quietly, be with your breath, feel the sensations in your body and find your neutral channel. Gently and silently be with yourself. Start with 3 to 5 minutes and work up to 11 minutes. If you have time, you may want to work up to 22 or 31 minutes.

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References: Rattana, Kuar Khalsa Ph.D,


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