SAMS Conference News Part Three

Interviews with the Presenters

Part Three Featuring: Gary P Caton, Apollo Grace and Brett Joseph

As part of the 2014 Shamanic Astrology Conference series featuring the presenters, I am pleased to introduce 3 more presenters at this year’s Shamanic Astrology Conference.  One of the three interviews have been recorded while the other two have been written (Apollo Grace and Gary Caton).   All the details can be found below. Scroll down to the interviews of Apollo Grace and Brett Joseph below.

Please remember that the early registration period has ended September 14th and the price has increased to $297 plus $80 for food

Presenter #4: Gary P Caton

Gary has a enlightening piece on the “Power of the Visual Cycle of Mercury” – an excerpt is below with a link to the full article

Although it is quite common to think of God in terms of a Trinity, it is seldom that modern people think of themselves in these terms. Yet, shamanic cultures have long Gary Caton picconsidered there to be three selves. The “talking self” or what we might call the conscious ego is far from the totality of who a person is. There is also the higher or spiritual self, as well as the basic self –which contains our “lower” animal/instinctual nature that has kept us alive as a species for millennia. When a planet dips below the threshold of visibility –it is signaling for us to take part in a conscious descent into our basic selves, in order to re-invigorate our awareness with its gifts.

In my opinion, Mercury is one of the most mis-understood and over-looked planets in Astrology. Because Mercury goes ‘round the Zodiac in a year, many if not most astrologers leave Mercury out of their transit analyses –until it goes retrograde, that is! I always try to make Mercury a part of any transit analysis, especially where the Messenger planet shows up strong in the natal horoscope.


Gary’s website:


Presenter #5: Apollo Grace

Three Perspectives on the Inner Beloved

Apollo Grace picEach of us carries an Inner Beloved – an inner “other”, who is with us for every step of our lives. Creating and cultivating a relationship with this inner beloved can give us a sense of wholeness and completion distinct from any external relationship. As a Shamanic Astrologer, I’m able to give my clients information about the qualities of their inner beloveds, but that’s only the start; my intention with this article is to offer specific practices to integrate that information and move into the Sacred Marriage.

What is the nature of the Inner Beloved?

On our charts, we look at the two points that particularly represent the idea of “other”. One is the Descendant – that point that was setting on the western horizon at the moment of your birth. The other is the planet representing the opposite gender – Mars for a woman, or Venus for a man. Both of these elements of our experience are projected out on to others; if I’m a man, I expect women in my life to carry the feminine, and each of us carries a natural assumption that our needs in relationship will be met by others. But these projections mask a deeper truth – that these elements are also part of our own being.

Jung used the term “Shadow” to represent all the parts of ourselves that we separate from, and identified a tremendous longing that we carry to be reunited with these lost parts. He used the term “Animus” to represent the elements of the Masculine that women put in the shadow, and “Anima” to represent the Feminine that men separate from. This is a natural part of the growth of the self – we make innumerable decisions during our maturation process, saying “I’m this, I’m not that”. I’m a boy, not a girl; I’m a woman, not a man. But we carry both within us, and the resources that we’ve put in our Anima or Animus are still available to us.

The question then becomes, how do we connect with this part of ourselves? If it’s shadow material – if it’s a quality of ourselves that doesn’t really feel like our Self at all – how do we invite it in?



Apollo Grace’s website:

Presenter #6: Brett Joseph

“Gemini Brett” has recorded an audio preview of his presentation at the 2nd Annual SAMS Conference.  See below:

It is my great honor to have been invited to present at the upcoming Second Annual Shamanic Astrology Conference on the Power of the Inner Sacred Marriage and theGemBrett MtA SAMS Full Spectrum Masculine. Last year, at the first annual conference on the Renaissance of the Sacred Feminine, my talk “What the Hell is a Sea Goat?” focused primarily on Capricorn Pluto’s role in the most dynamic global astrological aspect of our time: the Uranus-Pluto Square. This year, I will continue that investigation by StarryTelling the “Prophecy of Prometheus” to honor what Aries Uranus is bringing to the ongoing push and pull of this Planetary Square Dance.

At the time of the coming conference in October, Aries Uranus will connect to Leo Jupiter and Sagittarius Mars in an incredibly strong Grand Fire Trine. I will focus the energies of that alignment through the lens of Krishna’s teachings to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita to explore the wisdom of Free Will and the Way of the Warrior, which will lead us further into the Full Spectrum Masculine and the power of Yin-Yang Polarity.

In the audio link below, I discuss the turbulent truths of my personal polarity’s partnership between Cancer Mars and Virgo Venus. Engaging with the Shamanic Astrology Sacred Marriage strategy has helped me to better understand the patterns that have previously plagued my romantic relationships and is leading me to the truths of what I must do within to rewrite the script without. In this interview with myself, I explore the story of my own inner Twins as well as a tale of the Norse Twins Freyr and Freya. I hope you enjoy the chattering chant of this waterside rant.


This audio can be played with PC or iOS devices:  [sc_embed_player fileurl=”″]









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