SAMS Graduate’s Visit to Sacred Sites in Ireland

Our new Foundational graduate, Florence Boissenin, from Switzerland, recently journeyed to the sacred sites Western Ireland.  Here is an account she shared with me of her journey.  In the future, we look forward to featuring more journeys like this.

Hi Daniel,

Kilclooney Main Dolmen – whale side

Here some of the better pictures I took in Ireland. I took many of the Kilclooney dolmen alignment because the energy there was quite amazing. It activated my kundalini energy and I felt this site used to be a ‘love school’, teaching people how to use their sexual energy. The place still holds this knowledge. The three parts of the alignment represent the vagina, yoni and cervix. To me it was totally clear and I could feel it in my own body, even from about a mile away.

Mount Erigal a bit further north in Donegal is a sacred mountain, and the stone circle, which is right next to Donegal airport, is aligned to it, as is visible from the picture. The Drumanone dolmen cap stone, which is HUGE (one of the biggest ones in Ireland), has collapsed half way and people put an iron bar inside to keep it from collapsing further. It is still holding very much Love energy, a very sweet Being, to my sensitivity, right next to a railway line. And the Pulnabrone dolmen, which is a tourist attraction, has also collapsed and been put back into place but somewhat moved from its original positioning in the process. It felt to me like a lot of it is missing/different from its original self. It is also surrounded by a kind of barrier to keep the tourists from degrading it, I guess, and people are coming by all the time, so it was not so easy to really feel it up close.

Donegal Airport Circle with Erigal closer

You can see from the pictures how excellent the weather was most of the time, except for Drumanone, where it was a rainy day. I went to Carrowkeel after Drumanone, so it was a rather grey day too when I went there and I didn’t take any pictures. I went further than the cairns and felt like I was in a totally different world, like I was going to get lost and never come back. It is quite a magical place. The weather was grey and rainy, but for a moment there was sun, and it was amazing because the instant I stepped back into my car, the rain started to come down like crazy, as if it had held back so I could enjoy the place for two hours undisturbed by the elements 🙂

I also have some pictures of Carrowmore, but they are similar to ones ‘everybody’ has already so I did not include them. The huge dolmen at Carrowmore which is inclosed in the reconstructed cairn holds extremely strong healing energy, to my sensitivity. I was buzzing all over my body while touching it. But it’s such a touristic place that there are always people coming by and so I didn’t feel like staying there too long. But I love Carrowmore too, there are lots of little ‘mushroom’-like ‘mini-dolmens’ and stone circles which always seemed to say hello to me every time I drove by (I drove by there a lot because I loved the drive from Carrowmore to Strandhill which passes at the bottom of Knocknarae.

Poulnabrone Dolmen

Knowcknarae is such an amazing mountain, at the centre of this whole sacred landscape which comprises the whole Sligo Bay for miles around, with all the mountain tops and cairns playing a part. Here too there was an line awakening my kundalini energy between the cairn at the top of Knocknarae and the end of Benbulben towards the Ocean, Benbulben being the masculine pole and Knocknarae the feminine one. I felt it very strongly every time I crossed it while driving.

In a nutshell, those are my impressions of the sacred landscape of Ireland I visited during this trip. Because I so loved it in the Sligo area and by the Ocean, I decided to change my plans and not drive East to visit Newgrange, Lough Crew and Rathcrogan, for which I had already bought tickets. I will go there next time I get a chance – very soon, I hope! I also realize that, as far as I’m concerned, the weather was so amazing because it made it possible for me to actually see how the megaliths are connecting with the mountain tops. If it had been cloudy, I couldn’t have seen it so clearly. So, as your friend Jack said to me when I told him this, ‘the fairies must have been on my side’. They certainly were 😉 I’m writing all this to you because I think you can understand. Not many people can. So thank you for giving me a chance to share this.

All the very best to you, Florence

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