Saturn and The 19th Degree in The Spotlight

by Daniel Giamario | June 9, 2024 |



Significant Saturn Happenings


With much attention having been placed on the Venus-Sun exterior conjunction this past Tuesday at 14Gemini29, we may have been neglecting what has been happening with Saturn.

  • On Saturday June 8 at 1:25am PDT, Venus squared Saturn from 19Gemini02 to 19Pisces02.
  • On Sunday June 9 at 3:36am PDT, the Sun squares Saturn from 19Pisces05 to 19Gemini05.
  • On Wednesday June 12 at 3:47am PDT, Mercury squares Saturn from 19Gemini10 to 19Pisces10.

Such an emphasis on the 19th degree! Saturn has been moving relatively swiftly these past weeks, on the way to stationing retrograde on June 29 at 19Pisces25! Saturn will not make it back to this degree until February 17, 2025. Not long after that, in May of 2025, Saturn makes a first entrance into Aries, one of the many significant planetary shifts next year.

The above transits signal additional pressure, “crisis in action”, to continue the long process of creating a far less judgmental and punishing Saturn than the recent world has known, and since it’s patriarchal hijack. Can we imagine Saturn with some compassion, and even real love, and not just “tough love”?


Universal Intent of Saturn in Pisces


The Universal Intent of Saturn in Pisces includes the possibility of an empathic and spiritualized Saturn. On the heels of the Venus-Sun conjunction in the exterior underworld, Venus and the Sun serve up the challenge to see if Saturn can surrender to grief and to let go of control. The Mercury square requires Saturn to go beyond its usual rigid logical boundaries.

This final phase of Saturn’s Piscean journey – along with the final phase of Neptune’s even longer passage through Pisces – illumines a puzzle that global humanity, all through these 6000 years of Kali Yuga, has not yet solved: Is great suffering necessary to open hearts and to develop empathy and compassion? The wars and catastrophes of the last 100 years have, for sure, not accomplished it. We are challenged to create a better way than “an eye for eye”, manufactured wars and increased polarization. That is “So Age of Aries”!

Considering the major astrological happenings of 2025, there is a short window of time to figure this out. These include

  • Saturn and Neptune entering Aries
  • the last Lunar Standstill of the Great Turning
  • Venus and Mars in their Underworld Saga
  • Venus beginning a Pisces Overstory for the first time in over 100 years
  • the end of Kali Yuga March 21, 2025
  • and much more, including the end of the Fourth Turning.

Much more about all this in the coming months. In the meantime, by popular demand, we are about to make available our Preparing for 2025 Council. Stay tuned for release date and details via all our public media channels! You can also watch Considering Saturn moving into Pisces: What is the intent?  and Saturn in Pisces, Pluto in Aquarius (streamed live from our 2023 Annual Gathering in Oracle/AZ).

For further contemplation on these planetary configurations, I add the Sabian Symbol for the 20 Gemini degree (you round up with these symbols) as well as for Saturn’s position in the 20th degree of Pisces.


Dane Rudhyar’s Sabian Symbol for 20 Gemini



KEYNOTE: The assimilation of multifarious knowledge through the synthesizing power of the mind.

From the One, the Many arise in due time. The Original Source gives birth to the mountain stream which, gathering to itself the down-flow of rain water, becomes the large river around which cities are built. These in turn pollute the river on its way to the vast ocean. This modern symbol expresses the fact that man, now at the close of a cultural cycle, is able to gather foodstuffs – mental as well as physical – from many regions of the globe. His diet has acquired a planet-wide foundation; history tells us that the search for salt and spices, then for commodities rare in local regions, provided the impetus for global trade and thus eventually for a planetary consciousness. The results may be satiety and indigestion, and mental confusion caused by lack of discrimination.

This is the last symbol of the sixteenth five-fold sequence. As is most often the case such a fifth stage implies a certain kind of synthesis or at least a preparation which leads to a new level. The keynote here is indeed Assimilation; the negative potentiality of the symbol is Waste.”


Elias Lonsdale’s Chandra Symbol for 20 Pisces


“A perfect black cube sitting alone in the desert

Concentrating purposively within the core. Giving no energy whatsoever to the rest of life. Bent on the task, the assignment, what is given to fulfill. Sparing no part of consciousness for anything else.

Ruthlessly intent on pursuing what is intended in a total way. No flexibility, no fluency, no ease. Just the barest essentials penetrated with this fierce clarity of being that knows nothing else and will only intensify its quest and its striving under any and all conditions.

The hyperspecialized emphasis on making something manifest in this world that would not be here otherwise. Monolithic faculties for putting everything on the line. Stupendous capacity for results, for doing what this frequency sets out to do.

Suffering from a lack of self-compassion, an absence of life’s graces. Given quite a deep shadow of gnawing hunger for everything denied and pushed away. Definitely forged underneath into a certain rebellion against and reaction to the severe methods and modes of the one in charge.

Yet primarily geared for the practical and the Earth-intensive gathering of all faculties for optimal effect and productivity. Brilliant in commanding, as well, whatever resources are needed from any and every sphere that is most relevant and compelling. Set to the job. Nothing else matters, really.

The one out there all alone at their earthly outpost asked to gather information and stay in tune with any and every level of what’s coming forth inside the collective at any given time. The one who is left out there to dry. Someone’s gotta do it.

An exquisite grasp of what’s here, where it takes us, and what must be done to fulfill the design. An amoral sensibility. The ends justify the means. What counts in the end is to know that you’ve done it, that the impossible was perfectly carried through.”

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