By Daniel Giamario

There is such a wonderful morning sky lineup!  Not to be overlooked is the Mercury/Saturn conjunction to be exact on Wednesday Morning at 18Aquarius59 at 8:33AM PST.  As of Monday morning Saturn and Mercury are a full 21degrees separated from the Sun, and relatively easy to see before dawn.  The Moon conjuncts Mercury at 2:11PM PST on Monday, followed by exactly conjoining Saturn at 6:01PM.  Tuesday morning just before dawn, will reveal a very old Moon (very thin crescent), just below Saturn and Mercury.

I consider this Moon/Saturn conjunction to be highly significant with regards to the unfolding drama of the United States Pluto Return.  The US South Node is 6Aquarius35 and its Moon is 27Aquarius12.  Putin’s North Node is 19Aquarius59 and IC is at 21Aquarius12.  The start of the currently ongoing Russia/Ukraine conflict was 2/22/22, almost exactly the first exact Pluto conjunction with the US Pluto.  Joe Biden is in his age 79 Mars synodic return.  Biden’s Mars is 12Scorpio35, quite close to Putin’s Venus at 11Scorpio42.  Transiting Uranus is opposing them at 11Taurus33 now.  This will be explored in greater depth soon.

How to unpack all this?  I believe that the analysis starts with a deeper understanding of Aquarius and of Saturn.  These have been major themes of my research in the last few years.  I think that both are tremendously misunderstood.  The hijack of both in the last 2000 years has made their essence extremely hard to discern.

I see Saturn, over the larger course of 300,000 years of global humanity to be the operating manual of objective reality; how to survive in a dense 3D world.  Only recently has it included judgment, shame, guilt, fear of deficiency, bad karma, or original sin.  Saturn, does, of course, teach us how to grow, change and evolve via boundaries and limitations, but that can be quite helpful, and a requirement for any maturation process.

Meanwhile, what in the world is Aquarius?  Is it air?  Is it water?  Is it actually about freedom and our unique individuality and personal sovereignty?  Or is it majority (mob) rule and the control of the state, run by AI algorithms and a scientific elite?  At its pinnacle, Aquarius can also be universal consciousness and the water of life.  Human beings are more water than carbon, and certainly not silicon.

As the Turning of the Ages accelerates, and the United States enters deeper into its Pluto return, these questions have been engaging me deeply.  Saturn’s role, being also one of the traditional “rulers” of Aquarius, will be crucial.  Which Saturn will dominate?  Will it be the hierarchical control of a technocratic elite exploiting Aquarian ideals and technology in the name of a fake unity?  Or could we also see Saturn in a feminine identity, being also an ancient symbol of the Golden Age.  Her guidance could inspire a deep commitment to reconnect with our spiritual essence, and connection to universal consciousness.  This is quite a bit different than its fake facsimile in the “metaverse”.  In this way, the Aquarian waters of life reanimate our actual “human nature”, including: empathy, compassion, the sacred, and the love of all life.

In the spirit of Shamanic Astrology, make sure to go out in the morning and hang out with the Moon, Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Mars, and see what transmissions you may receive.

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