Saturn Square Uranus Intensifies



by Daniel Giamario

September 19, 2022

On September 15 2022 the long-lasting Saturn square Uranus aspect entered into a one-degree orb that lasts until October 23. They are closest the first week of October, then noticeably separating. This global transit has been the world’s dominant in 2021 and 2022, and on September 19, Saturn is at 19Aquarius30R and Uranus is at 18Taurus38R.

I certainly do expect increased turbulence with the maximum energies of both planetary giants clashing. World changing and unexpected global events are extremely likely. Already a new global monetary scenario is unfolding, the EU is in deep crisis, and the British Commonwealth may be drawing to its final end.

All this happening in light of the other strong aspects:

* the extreme out-of-bounds Moon

* Mars in Gemini Overstory gestation

* US Pluto return and Neptune opposition culminating

* US progressed Lunar Return and more,

as I have been writing extensively about this year.

Hopefully providing a more optimistic balance to all this are two grand trines that have been forming.

One is in Earth: Uranus at 18Taurur36, Pluto at 26Capricorn12, and the Sun at 26Virgo32, with Venus also at 17Virgo45.

Meanwhile, a fascinating Air grand trine is forming with Saturn at 19Aquarius30, Mercury in early Libra retrograde, and Mars at 15Gemini30. This grand trine becomes more exact in October.

I like to think of grand trines as like having a great backing band playing in tune. The Earth grand trine is like a brilliant bassist and drummer. The Air grand trine like a excellent keyboard player, or even more so, an outstanding sax and flute player.

Thankfully these alignments are happening, providing much needed background support for the likely global turning points. Up to seven planets (even more should Vesta be included, and all the times the Moon is in Air or Earth) in grand trines is far from commonplace and likely to be noticed by many astrologers.

Meanwhile, this Monday, September 19, finds yet another extreme out-of-bounds Moon. At 5:00am PDT, the 14degree Cancer Moon will be 27N06 latitude. Remarkedly, the previous day between 3-5pm the most out-of-bounds of the year occurred with the Moon nearly a full four degrees OOB at 27N18.

Twice each month going into 2024-2025, the Moon in early Cancer and Capricorn will stretch out beyond 27degrees North or South latitude. These OOB Moons symbolize eccentricity, individualism and a refusal to be assimilated. They break through the usual boundaries of the signs of Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn. Should you be born with one of these, it’s akin to having Mercury, Venus or Mars retrograde, left-handedness and RH- blood all at the same time!

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