Saturn Stations Direct / Venus-Sun Conjunction on Oct 22, 2022

Oct 19, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

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On October 22nd, two planetary events take place: Sun-Venus conjunction and Saturn stationing direct. Venus conjuncts the Sun just before entering the sign of Scorpio at 29˚26’ Libra.  Saturn stations direct at 18°35’ Aquarius after 4 ½ months of retrograde “movement” in the sky.  This will be the last time for three decades it stations direct in the sign of Aquarius.

Venus-Sun conjunction

Every 19 months, Venus has 2 conjunctions with the Sun, once when direct and once when retrograde.  This one is when Venus is direct, meaning the Sun is between Venus and Earth.  This is known as an exterior conjunction.  When Venus conjuncts the Sun while retrograde, Venus will be between the Sun and Earth.   This is known as an interior conjunction.

From a shamanic perspective, Venus is meeting with Great Mystery and in the under realm, hidden from our eyes.  In ancient times in Mesopotamia, Venus was known as Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth. In this phase of the goddess’ story, she is dying.  Later, after the conjunction and when Venus rises in the evening sky again by the end of November (officially December 1), she is reborn.  This happens every 19 months or 584 days.

This conjunction at 29˚26’ Libra comes only 3 days before the New Moon and partial solar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio.  This conjunction relates to the Sabian Symbol of the solar eclipse at Scorpio 3. That Sabian Symbol relates to the community gathering together for a common goal to benefit others.  A Libra Venus-Sun conjunction is about relationships and rebirthing or birthing something fresh and new.  But in the “underworld”, this is also about facing the deepest of fears in order to co-create something after.

Saturn Stations Direct

On the same day and only 7 hours after the Venus-Sun conjunction, Saturn changes direction to direct.  The famous ringed planet has barely moved in weeks.  This time is the planet’s “standstill” period, a period where looks to be AT a standstill.  Anytime a planet “changes direction”, it is at a standstill in the sky.  An example that is upcoming is Mars, which will station retrograde on the 30th, sitting in a spot for several days before perceptively moving again.

Saturn stations direct at 18°35’ Aquarius, ending its retrograde period that began on June 4th when it reached 25°15’ Aquarius.  This will mark its last transit through Aquarius until January, 2050.  It also marks the beginning of the end of its time of squaring Uranus in Taurus.  On October 23rd, Saturn and Uranus will then be beyond their one-degree orb of a square and on January 23rd, move beyond 10 degrees of a square, generally leaving behind a potent theme of 2021 and 2022.

This station point has a lot to do with where it is in the sky, meaning the stars and constellation of the Goat-Fish.  Saturn has been hanging around this area for much of 2022 and the two stars of the tail of the Goat-Fish, Nashira and Deneb Algedi, are part of the cosmic waters and the transition point between worlds (of earth and water).  These stars traditionally point to fortune or good luck, but it runs deeper and more symbolic of the transition the world is facing right now.  

And with Aquarius, it is bringing in greater awareness of the boundaries of our relationship with humanitarian expressions and technological innovations.  Saturn shows us that there needs to be a longer-term purpose and sustainability with those qualities.

Throw in Uranus at this station point of Saturn, and we have an unpredictable interpretation of the intent of this Saturn station direct point.  Uranus’ influence is to help cultivate change through unexpected events of great novelty, sometimes in dramatic fashion.

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