Scorpio Super Full Moon Eclipse and Lunar Beltane

May 1, 2023 | by Vivian Hurley |

The Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse.

On May 5, the Scorpio Super Full Moon Eclipse is happening at 14Scorpio58. Get ready to dive deep!

Eclipses are thought to exist outside of time. This very powerful window of time is when the veil between the worlds are the thinnest. It is the dividing point between the seen and unseen, known and unknown.

Scorpio is the Sorceress, the Mistress of Magic and Enchantress that brings knowing through feeling, and the complete experience and command of generating and embracing life force energy. Scorpio releases what feels dead, creating magic, and having the courage to go beyond known edges to explore aliveness. She goes for passion, intensity and ecstatic bliss for its own sake. She is a catalyst. She dives deep, honoring all of her feelings from agony to ecstasy. Scorpio reveals where we are shedding an old skin in order to grow, and how light, love, and truth always dispel the darkness.

Image Credit: John Burden

Lunar Beltane is observed at the Full Moon closest to Astrological Beltane (May 6, 2023), when the sun reaches 15Taurus.

Astrological Beltane 

Taurus is the initiator into the joys of sensual pleasure and intimacy. Taurus explores intimacy as an art form and brings spirit into matter for pure enjoyment. Taurus explores healthy receivership, intimacy and pleasure for its own sake.

This is a time to enjoy the beauty of the garden of earthly delights. It’s a time to slow down, relax and breathe in the aroma of the abundant spring flowers, and bathe all your senses in the spring time blooms. Now is the time to savor and prolong the present moment.

Grounding into the Earth can help activate the feeling awareness in your body. You must awaken your first chakra, which makes it possible to be present to the sensations in your body and connect with Earth energies.

This ripe erotic energy is fitting for Astrological Beltane. It is the (Fire) Cross Quarter Fertility Festival and represents the peak of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the midpoint between spring and summer. Earth energies are robust. At Beltane, the sexuality of all of life and Earth are at its maximum and bursting with abundant fertility. The reason this holiday is so sexy yet sacred, is that it is symbolic of the passion and love between the Goddess and God. Beltane is the Great Wedding between Goddess and God ~ Hieros Gamos.

Divine Passion is evident in all of nature’s bounty springing forth this time of year. A celebration of the God and Goddess recreating the world anew, the divine pair represented by the first fruits of the harvest. Together, the May Queen and the May King are symbols of the Sacred Union between Earth and Sky.

Take this time to honor the sacred union of feminine and masculine within – connect with your archetypal Goddess (in the TOTAMS Astrological Paradigm represented by Venus) & God (represented by Mars). Explore Tantra, call forth fertility in all your endeavors, make a flower crown to wear, give gratitude and celebrate, honor your sexuality and ecstatic aliveness. Go out in nature naked, or pack a lavish picnic. Dance around or jump over a bonfire. Stay out all night, make love and watch the sunrise. Wash your face in the morning dew.

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