Script & Archetypes: Registration Details for the Online Course

This LIVE online course has completed but you can NOW register for the entire recorded online course. Details about purchasing this are below.

Course Details:

The conversion of this class to an online platform had many great advantages in adding lessons and content not found in the live courses.  This course includes 16 lessons (one of those lessons consisted of 2 parts) in 4 practicums. You will have access to a large library of videos, audios and reading material, and recorded Q and A calls with Daniel and Cayelin (17 in all) that were designed to answer questions and clarify the material.

In addition, the school’s Managing Director is available to assist with any technical issues that come up with logging into the website, access to the videos and other materials and answering any questions about the course itself.  The facilitators, Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell are available as you complete the course for an hour of personal questions pertaining to the content of the course, the Shamanic Astrology paradigm and anything else related to the individual lessons.

Daniel and Cayelin

Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell

This course also counts toward certification as outlined on the certification page.

ONLINE COURSE Registration Form

To register for the Certification Program, please complete the Certification Registration form here

Overview of what you will learn in this Course

This is the most basic of all the Shamanic Astrology classes and gives you everything you need to know to read not only your own chart but others too! Many who have taken this course have found it to be life changing.

You do NOT need any previous experience in astrology as all the basics are also taught in this class including:

  • An introduction to Shamanic Astrology
  • What is a horoscope or Natal Chart
  • How to draw your own Natal Astrology Chart and understanding the Chart as a Map
  • A brief look at an ‘ephemeris’ (that tracks where the planets are on any given day)
  • The 4 classic elements and the 3 astrological modalities
  • “The Script” in Shamanic Astrology – an introductory look at the roles of the planets, angles, etc. necessary for reading a chart
  • A multi-phase, deep look at the 12 signs/archetypes/mystery schools and how to apply that to a chart reading
  • How to read a chart for yourself and others including the order of priority for doing a reading
  • A Synthesis or Putting it all together

The Script & Archetypes/Basic Chart Analysis online course teaches you how to read a natal chart using the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm. This course covers the foundational  material of Shamanic Astrology, its archetypes/signs, how to read an astrology chart (signs and symbols etc) and how to do a basic Shamanic Astrology reading using what is referred to as the Script. Daniel and Cayelin, have nearly 70 years of combined astrology experience giving readings and teaching Shamanic Astrology at workshops, retreats, teleclasses and other venues.

How to Register:

You can register and pay online with this easy to complete Registration Form Here

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Upon signing up for the online class, you will receive a confirmation e-mail of your registration (unless you register via snail mail).  You will then receive a separate e-mail within 72 hours containing an official welcome plus links to watch and listen to all the  materials for this course.

You will also be provided with a link to create a personal username and a password to access the course material.

More Details Include:

  • Dozens of hours of video and audios from live Script & Archetypes Courses and Beyond
  • 17 Videos of previous Q and A sessions.
  • If requested you can get an e-book of The Shamanic Astrology Handbook 2014 edition now with Chiron
  • Many handouts including a summary of the Script & Archetypes material
  • Exercises and practices to deepen what you are learning
  • Plus, credit toward certification as a Shamanic Astrologer (for those who are desiring certification)

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