Shamanic Astrology – Where Do You Start?

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When I first started learning Shamanic Astrology, I felt overwhelmed by all the information. It was over my beginner head. It seemed all so advanced. If you feel like this too, don’t worry. Start with the basics and I promise the rest will come. Practice and time are our friends on this journey.

Let’s begin with the most basic, fundamental aspect of Shamanic Astrology – the moon.

The moon is an excellent jumping off place, both in starting to understand your birth chart, but also in learning the night sky. The two most important aspects of Shamanic Astrology are astrology and astronomy. Many aspiring, even seasoned, astrologers know the signs and how to read a chart, but they do not know anything about the astronomy – where all the astrology is literally happening. By looking at the moon, I’ll teach you how to begin with both.

From the astrological perspective, the moon is our lineage, our history. It is considered the first act of your life play or the first movement of your symphony that makes up your birth chart. Your lineage is another way of saying your area of expertise. A great way to look at it is to imagine that your soul has been exploring, studying, and experiencing your moon sign for multiple lifetimes. It’s what you’re already good at, what you’ve received your graduate degree in over and over. The energy of your moon sign is what your family would most likely say, “Oh, that’s how ________ (fill in your name here) has always been. S/he came out that way.”

Your Moon sign is what you already know.

It is your foundation for this lifetime. It’s your launching pad toward the newer aspects of your chart. (I’ll get into those another time.) It’s the medicine you carry forward into your current life, like a bag of tools to use, as you explore all the new stuff. You aren’t just thrown into this life as a blank slate. You need some secret, super powers to help you navigate everything you are here to learn this go round. Your moon sign is that power.

Look up your Moon sign (if you don’t already know it). There are endless websites online to get a free chart, such as the one in this link. Read about your moon sign in the Shamanic Astrology Handbook by Daniel Giamario with Cayelin Castell or read the article in this link. What do you think? Does this energy resonate with you? Do you find this is an area that you inherently understand and know? There are many factors involved with the moon, but this is a good starting place.

A vital part of learning Shamanic Astrology is connecting to the night sky.

The moon is a great place to begin. It’s big and easy to find in the sky. Check out what phase it’s in currently. Watch it move through the sky each night. Sometimes you can see it and sometimes you can’t. The Full Moon is out all night to see. The new Moon, you can’t see it at all because it’s hidden in the brightness of the Sun. Go outside at night and have a look. Start tracking it and learning the monthly moon cycle through the sky. You do this to connect to the astronomical and astrological cycles of nature, to find your place within the universe.

One of the main components that sets Shamanic Astrology apart from many other forms of astrology, is this spiritual relationship with the sky and the celestial bodies. We emphasize communing with the sky and developing your own personal relationship with it. It’s about embracing your ancestral ways and knowledge. Connect consciously to the interrelationship you have with nature and the earth. Tracking the Moon is the simplest way to start. Watch it, look for it, start to know which sign it’s in and in which part of the sky you see it. Notice how you feel and what you experience. Do ceremony at the New or Full Moon, to mark your connection to what is going on around you. Experience where these practices take you spiritually!

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Sheridan Semple

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