South Africa Love Song

by Daniel Giamario, founder of SAMS

Homage to that “One Woman”, or love song to the Virgo Goddess and Grandmother Spiderwoman

As many of you know, I recently was on a journey to South Africa and Zimbabwe.  I was there to support the White Lions, learn about the Southern Sky,2010 April C and D 00888 and experience the Zep Tepi (First-Time) Meridian, which also runs through Giza. Following is a summary of my experience there.  These subjects will be elaborated on, in future articles.

I am hopeful that SAMS can present a trip to South Africa in Late 2015, a journey to the homeland of the authentic Human Being.

  • Thanks to lioness Nebu, for connecting me with my wife Lynne when we are apart, and assisting her in her Mars in Leo Sacred Marriage
  • Thanks to the “Wisdom Stones”, who are sure to have more knowledge than any person
  • Thanks to the Solar Feminine, especially Linda Tucker and many of the women in our pride
  • Thanks to the Lunar Priests at this Mars in Virgo time, Dean, Munroe, Maurice, Mandaza, and me, who serve that One Woman
  • Thanks to the Elephant Elder and his young apprentice, who looked into my soul and solidified the mantra of “love and respect”
  • Thanks to the “first people”, the San,  living lives in collaboration, male and female, non-hierarchical, in harmony with all that is, with “that woman”, and living lives in accordance with “As Above So Below”
  • Thanks to the Sangoma, Samuel, who confirmed that my calling is to “roll the bones”!
  • Thanks to Nut, “Goddess of the Sky”, for turning me upside down, rewiring the circuits, uniting the hemispheres. I thought I knew North and South, but when North is South, and South is North, the North and South have another meaning to that “one woman”, who is the whole Earth. I thought I knew the Zodiac, but what does it mean that Fomalhaut pours the water into the water jar? What does it mean that the Goatfish is sliding back into the water? What does Archernar guard at the end of the river Eridanus?
  • My life quest: to find out Who are we, and what the hell happened? ,has reached a threshold. I am nearing the end of that quest. Yes, it all started in Southern Africa. And, I rededicate myself to the Renaissance of the Sacred Feminine, and the journey back and forward to the authentic human being. And to make it very simple: I have immense gratitude to spirit, the animals and plants, the stars and the stones, and stand in awe of Great Mother/ Great Mystery.


  1. Kathryn Andren

    Daniel, this is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Blessings from Big Island Hawaii.

  2. Merkaba Moon

    Danielji!!!!!!! Feels POWERFUL! Thankyou for sharing your SELF. Looking forward to hearing more! Love, Merkaba

  3. Merkaba Moon

    Danielji, my friend needs a reading, whenever you can fit her in. call me! Merkaba

  4. Emma Waner

    This brought tears to my eyes. It stirred feelings of things that I should remember but do not remember/ There is a magic to Africa. The stars and sky’s are magical. The people who are unspoiled and remember their roots are magical. Did you get to the Zimbabwe ruins? I do hope that it is still pristine and unspoiled. I just downloaded the Black genesis on my Kindle and cannot put it down. We have so much to learn, and pray for the ability to understand what we are being taught.




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