Sun – Eris Conjunction on April 14th, 2022

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By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

In the early morning of April 14th in North America, the Sun moves into its annual conjunction with planetary body called Eris at 24°20’ Aries.  Since 1922, Eris has been in the sign of Aries and this will continue until transitioning into Taurus between 2044-48.  So, every year since 1925, the Sun has met Eris in Aries (1922-24 they were conjunct in the sign of Pisces).
Eris is one of the most distant planetary bodies from the Sun in our solar system, taking over 550 years to orbit, which is more than twice the duration of Pluto.  Because Eris moves very slowly Eris and the Sun will be in conjunction again on April 14th in 2023, 2025, 2026 and 2028.
Eris lived up to its general mythology when its was discovered and named in 2006.  It was this discovery that prompted the IAU (International Astronomers Union) to redefine what it meant to be planet, reducing Pluto and Eris to be classified as dwarf planets and Ceres “promoted” from asteroid to a dwarf planet.  Eris is the goddess of chaos and discord and certainly this symbolism divided the astronomical community as many still consider Pluto as a planet.
Looking deeper into the mythology of Eris and what she was famous for, we find that it was the Olympic gods and goddesses projecting upon Eris and blaming her as the cause of the Trojan War in ancient times.  But Eris, while not entirely innocent, got the gods and goddesses to face their issues (and what we can’t control) and the result was a war.  Eris is a catalyst and has a potent mental strength, intelligence, and wit to go along with a mischievous/playful side.
Eris can be found prominently featured in many natal charts of feminine activists, including Susan B Anthony and her work in the women’s suffrage movement in the 1800s.  Eris brings empowerment of the feminine into the chart, particularly if Eris has a hard/dynamic aspect to a personal planet or point.  Eris can also have a Uranus-like effect as a theme in a person’s life.  However, Eris’s qualities in the charts need more study to fully comprehend the variety of impacts in can have in the chart.  Though, astrologer Henry Seltzer in his book, The Tenth Planet – Revelations from the Astrological Eris, is insightful.
With this conjunction in Aries, we can tap into our own strengths, our aptitude and try rocking the boat of our own life when it needs to be shaken up a little in order to help us see and/or face our issues.  The Sun helps brings these things to light and understand the shadows of it all.  Eris has disrupt but also illuminate at the same time.

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