Sun-Uranus Conjunction May 5, 2022

FACEBOOK May 5, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

Our annual Sun-Uranus conjunction takes place on the 5th of May at 14°47’ Taurus.  Aside from solar eclipses, any conjunctions with the Sun are not visible to the naked eye.  The conjunctions take place nearly every calendar year and shift about 4-5 days and hence 4-5 degrees forward each successive year.

Uranus’ time in Taurus (since 2018) has helped us understand our relationship to conveniences, comforts, and pleasures in our lives.  Astrologically, Uranus helps bring about sudden, unexpected breakthroughs, changes and generally helping humanity to an expanded level of perspective through its role as a “change agent”.

In the “upset and overturn” from the pandemic and the ripples this event sent through all areas of society, we’ve experienced an addiction here in the Western World of getting almost anything delivered to us without having to leave our home within hours or a few days.  And yet even with the near-instant procurement of materials, food and most other things, companies are trying to come with ways to deliver it even faster.

But Uranus is still in the 2nd year of squaring Saturn in Aquarius, and this leads to a greater understanding about what is being sacrificed for those conveniences.  At the most fundamental level, it is Earth that is in a crisis and being sacrificed for convenience.  However, Taurus is deeply connected to Earth as an archetype where at its essence is about the flowers, fruits and pleasures of being on the Earth.  In a way, Uranus and Saturn are reminding us of our intimate relationship to Mother Earth.

The Sun conjunction of Uranus activates the Uranian and Taurus qualities more acutely as described above.  We can utilize this time to question what is truly needed and what is not needed in our lives.  In addition, to prepare for more unexpected disruption about our conveniences and creature comforts.  Sustainability is a key factor and asking ourselves what can we do to sustain the beauty, comforts and pleasures of the world?

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