The Aquarius Lunation – 2nd Quarter

Feb 15, 2024 | by Silvianne K. Delmars | 

This week’s astro calendar of events begins on Friday, February 16, as the waxing Moon in Taurus squares the Sun in Aquarius (exact at 7:01 am PST). Here are the highlights:



Friday, February 16


This moon phase week begins in a flurry of activity, as just an hour after the exact 2nd quarter moon, Venus enters Aquarius at 8:05 am PST, further amplifying the current focus on visionary Aquarius squaring pleasure-loving Taurus – all in the cross of healthy self-interest.

Leo overstory Venus is traversing the 2nd Chakra gate in her descent journey, visibly sinking in the morning sky, as dim Gemini overstory Mars approaches her, still fresh from his journey through the underworld. All this week will be a potent time to hang out with them both in the early morning, seeking counsel on new ways to experience the archetypal relationship between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

Later that same evening messenger Mercury in Aquarius, currently in his psychopomp phase (and therefore invisible to us on the other side of the Sun), squares off with evolutionary Uranus in Taurus. What previously unknown crazy wisdom might we access from tuning in to this potentially creative challenge?

The Moon will be out of bounds for almost the entire week. Look for it to be rising or setting far north of the ecliptic! Compare with the position of the Sun on the horizon. The bright waxing gibbous Moon will pass the Pleiades on the evenings of February 16 and 17, and will be near the star Aldeberan, the eye of the Bull constellation, setting after midnight.


Saturday, February 17


Venus, still in the potent first degree of Aquarius, overtakes Pluto. What blocks and distortions to our deepest sense of self are ready to be composted? Also an auspicious time to contemplate the shadow of Aquarius – acting from a place of pure mind with no heart can lead to frightening results, individually and collectively.


Sunday, February 18


At 8:15 pm PST the Sun moves from Aquarius into the mystical sign of Pisces for the coming month. In alignment with the Pluto activations of Mercury, Mars, and most recently Venus, there is a deep invitation to create sacred ceremony for the expression of our individual and ancestral grief, freeing us to access our creative life force in a whole new way in times to come.


Monday, February 19


At 1:13 pm PST Chiron is exactly conjunct the North Node at 16Aries45. This is a powerful timing, extending far beyond these few days, as the ancient wise healer and teacher aligns with the past and future trajectory for humanity. With the Moon also reaching its extreme out of bounds position today, it is time to conjure up previously undreamt-of soul medicines, deeply digesting the mistakes of the past so we can go forward in pioneering new ways of creating culture.

The waxing gibbous Moon will pass Castor and Pollux, the feet of the Twins constellation, on February 19 and 20, visible until a little before sunrise.


Wednesday, February 21 / Thursday, February 22


Late on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, depending on your time zone, Venus and Mars will meet, visible just before dawn in the morning sky. This is an important event in the Great Saga of the dance between Venus and Mars, whose pattern repeats almost exactly every 32 years. As mentioned above, this is a magical timing for envisioning new ways for the Feminine and Masculine – both personally and collectively – to experience partnership, based in creativity, sovereignty, and freedom.

On the evenings of February 22 and 23, the Moon will be passing by the head of the Lion constellation, and on to Regulus, the Royal Star at the heart of the Lion constellation, visible all night.


Friday, February 23


Either very late on Thursday, or early Friday, Mercury traversing the underworld will enter the sign of Pisces. Time to invoke mystical messages to heal grief, dream new dreams, and foster ecstatic communion with the Divine; presaging Mercury’s rendezvous next week with the Sun and Saturn. The Moon also returns in bounds today.


Saturday, February 24


This astro week ends with the Full Moon in Virgo, opposite Sun in Pisces. It’s exact at 4:30 am PST at 05Virgo23. The energies of this Full Moon call for us to take a deep breath and consciously connect to our relationship with the natural world and its rhythms. Adding a personal intensity to the mix, Pluto is still hanging out near Venus and Mars in Aquarius, accented by Venus’ exact square with Jupiter in Taurus late on Saturday evening.

With Mercury, the Sun, and Saturn together in Pisces opposing this Full Moon, there might be an experience of longing for stability, yet feeling adrift in an emotional fog. The Moon in the resonant polarity of Virgo offers itself as an earthy solution to this numinous conundrum. Virgo reminds us to consciously grow the roots of our soul tree deep into the soil of what we hold most sacred, as we continue to navigate the deep and unpredictable currents of these radically changing times.

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