The Aries Full Moon

Sept 27, 2023 | by Naraya Naserian |

Full Moon rising over Granada/Spain, image credit Naraya Naserian

This Full Moon, only 224.658m / 361.552km from Earth, is precise on Friday, September 29, 9:57am UCT, at 6Aries00. It will find itself in the vicinity of the stars of the Fish Constellation, about 2/5 of the way between Saturn below and bright shining Jupiter above.


The Symbology


The Rudhyar Sabian Symbol is:


KEYNOTE: The first realization of the dual nature of man and of the possibilities it implies.


This symbol represents the antithesis of the thesis pictured in Phase 6, yet in such a five-fold sequence what we see is contrast rather than opposition. The primordial one-sidedness of emotional and cultural manifestation actually calls for the compensatory ability to operate at two levels. Thus the primary dualism of Sky and Earth, of the divine and the human, of spirit and matter. The vision and the emotions are focused within sharply defined boundaries, but within these boundaries they express themselves at two levels. This is the foundation of religion as well as of magic.

A situation which has become characterized by this symbol can be successfully faced if its spiritual and material implications are understood and actualized.

At this second stage of the second five-fold sequence of symbols we see at work man’s capacity for LIVING TWO SEPARATE LIVES – and finding fulfillment and happiness in both. On this capacity are founded many of the complexities of human nature.”

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And from Elias Lonsdale’s Zodiac Oracle:

“Aries 7

A double-headed eagle whose heads face in opposite directions


Seeing something you can only view from two divergent vantage points.

Keeping in your sights a polarity, which can become either tremendously

conflictual or, paradoxically, infinitely resolvable in a whole different unity.

Compelled to see and know and witness what can never be reduced to any given

perspective or facet whatsoever.


Made to open vulnerably to the outside while the inside pulls us apart. Needing

to be exposed at this level of intensity, for we must recognize the emergent facet,

which only comes when we have exhausted the usual round of explanations, interpretations, and evaluations. We must again meet directly just what is there.


The trauma, the wounding, the violation. The healing, the wholeness, the

reconciliation. The issues and the rages, the beliefs and the projections. The

discovery of how to find everything inside of us and all of it useful, necessary,

and just what evolution needs us to be part of, thereby awakening within.


The endless pros and cons are so persuasive, yet not at all. We sense with rare

acuity the land of both-and-all is claiming our allegiance and demanding we

burst open any and all remaining praise and blame, right and wrong, should-have

and shouldn’t-have crystallizations. It’s all in a day’s planetary awakening across

the full spectrum of manifest phenomena.


We have a potential here for something far more. We knock at the door of a

future worth living. The only thing needed to enter and become conversant with

open-ended mysteries is the slaying of the dual mind—a small thing to ask for

such a great reward.


We are granted a form of seeing that begins where others leave off. We become

so in-tune with what comes through all factors converging that we lose that hard,

ancient edge.”

Access this Zodiac Oracle here!


What Could It Mean?


Isn’t it remarkable that we see here, reflected in the symbolism attributed to this Aries degree, the essence of the Gemini Mystery School’s strive towards piercing through the veil of duality to reach the deeper, ultimate and unshakable Truth of its Sagittarian polar opposite!

Is that what is implied by our “capacity for LIVING TWO SEPARATE LIVES – and finding fulfillment and happiness in both”? To me, this does not mean to live some kind of split existence, but rather to accept and integrate even the most opposite seeming polarities and phenomena of our times – living a life that embodies and honors BOTH Spirit AND Matter, the Divine Feminine AND the Divine Masculine principles, the reality of Light AND Dark, Good AND Evil – and being able to, as i call it, stand with one foot in each world, both feet on the solid platform or our true values. And only you can determine what those are!

In other words, a life that is based on Both/And rather than Either/Or.

Might this be the cosmic calling of this Aries Full Moon, broadcasted into the (sub)consciousness, hearts and minds of hUmaNITY:

It is time to COMMIT! Time to commit to – first within ourselves and then within the body of our larger society – overcoming the split, the seemingly insurmountable differences, the oppositions and polarities which don’t seem to make sense, the artificial compartmentalization of the spiritual and the material, the inner and the outer, the personal and the political … and instead meet on the common ground of our shared and declared values of Peace, Love, Unity and Liberty, each individual rooted in the understanding and a sovereign expression of Who We Really Are.

With the North Node also in Aries and currently conjunct Eris – who is a wild card influence of the nature of Scorpio and Gemini amalgamated (as Daniel Giamario coined it) – and still in a square aspect (crisis in action) with Pluto, with the imminent end of Kali Yuga just round the corner, it certainly is time for boldness in action and possibly a radical re-evaluation of our individual and collective values. But let’s not forget the placement of this Full Moon in the sky, in the vicinity of the Fish constellation, thus asking us to place even our boldest action in the embrace of love, compassion and a desire to be of service to Great Mystery itself!

One final thought on “A double-headed eagle whose heads face in opposite directions”: While i am far from being US-centric, i do have a strong sense that the USA is occupying a key place in the current unfoldings on the world stage. It sure feels like it’s national symbol, the bald eagle, is indeed double-headed with both heads facing in opposite directions. The questions are: Will the Americal Eagle succeed in becoming one-headed again? And if so, how and when? And finally, should that happen, which direction will it take off into?


My Invitation to YOU


Many different interpretations of and insights into this Aries Full Moon are possible and equally valid. In any case, do feel encouraged to sit with this Full Moon in ceremony – either in it’s actual light or in consciousness – and receive your own insights, downloads, messages. This brief intuitive exploration is predominantly meant as a prompt to INVITE YOU to come on over to our free, private and secure TOTAMS Community Forum and share your insights, ideas, comments and inquiries. I am curious to hear from you and am sure others in our community want to hear from you too!


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