The Aries Lunar North Node–Chiron Seed Point

Feb 19, 2024 | by Daniel Giamario |


Monday, February 19, provides us with an interesting and important event: the extremely rare Lunar North Node conjunction with Chiron in Aries. It is exact at 1:13pm PST at 16Aries45. This is the first such conjunction in Aries since February 14, 1969, which then occurred at 0Aries42. There are no others in the 20th or 21st century.

Let’s unpack the intent of this configuration.


The Nodal Axis


First, let’s look at the Nodal axis, which in the TOTAMS Astrological Paradigm has top-tier importance. It is foundational in determining the 144 storylines of Lineage as well as for Current Life Purpose. Inspired by the insights of Rudolf Steiner, each nodal cycle is akin to a cosmic breath. On a natal chart, at birth, the North Node is an in-breath. Half-cycle later, at the nodal reversal, begins an out-breath. Another in-breath ensues at the nodal return, and so forth.

Like many other schools of astrology, TOTAMS interprets the North Node as a directional flow towards the “future”, aligned with current life purpose. The North Node of the Moon reaches Aries every nineteen years. See TOTAMS’ seminar about this here! 


Who is Chiron?


Entering the astrological canon in 1977, Chiron has been significant to pre-patriarchal cultures. An entire constellation, Centaurus, was allocated to him.  Rather than emphasizing the over-used phrase of “wounded healer”, TOTAMS perceives Chiron as a teacher. He is a shaman centaur, and as a double half-breed – mortal and immortal, human and beast – he holds the secrets of life and death, as well as what makes us fully human. Rather than viewing him as a wounder, his placement illuminates where cultural and personal fracture points are located and offers teaching on their digestion and integration into a healing essence for self and others.


Chiron in Aries


In Aries, Chiron reveals the fracture points or archetypal challenges of Aries, personally and culturally. His original essence existed before the patriarchal Hellenistic versions of planets, constellations, and signs. Chiron in Aries attempts to reveal the distortions of Aries, predominantly being war or aggression.

I think there are three main themes:

  1. Chiron in Aries highlights the suffering caused by patriarchal Aries. He reminds us to reject toxic competition and to repudiate any “eye for an eye” philosophy. Inspired by my colleague and friend, Dale O’Brien, Chiron in Aries comprehensively counsels all around non-compliance with any actions damaging to personal autonomy or to the Earth herself.
  2. In this age of inversions, Chiron in Aries warns of deceptive ways in which the “Powers that Shouldn’t Be” have hijacked an essential Aries function: to serve as protector of the Earth, her children, and the Cosmic Order. Instead, Chiron in Aries has been utilized to enforce and protect with force a global technocracy.
  3. Finally, Chiron also inspires global humanity to have the courage to discover who we really are, to throw off old, obsolete, and damaging personal identities, and be open to new identities to help birth a new epoch after the end of Kali Yuga: A new dawn of a healed Aries, connected to the Spiritual Will.


Seed Point for Cosmic Intention


The conjunction of the North Node with Chiron in Aries is a seed point for this cosmic intention. The conjunction is an in-breath that spans a timeframe longer than the 19-year Nodal cycle. The previous conjunction of the North Node with Chiron in Aries occurred in 1969, the next one not until February 2, 2173, at about 15Aries.

Not to be overlooked is that this seed point is occurring with an extreme Out-Of-Bounds Cancer Moon of 28N23 declination. Interestingly, the previous conjunction in 1969 happened during the most exact center of a Lunar Standstill season, as at this conjunction in February 2024 is now almost upon us again. The exact center point is January 25, 2025, when the North Node reaches 00Aries.




North Node conjunctions with Chiron in Aries

Aug 1, 2414     at 26 Aries07
Dec 17, 2226   at 01 Aries58
Feb 2, 2173     at 15 Aries45
Feb 19, 2024   at 16Aries45
Feb 14, 1969   at 00Aries42
Feb 14, 1875   at 18Aries58
May 1, 1820     at 01Aries12
Jul 14, 1726     at 13Aries38
Feb 20,1633     at 18Aries56

Jan.14,1485     at 02Aries03

May 19,1391    at 17Aries19

Dec.10, 1242    at 07Aries31

Dec.12, 1148    at 26Aries22

Oct.23, 1148     at 28Aries11

Feb.2, 1094      at 04Aries17

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