The Capricorn New Moon and Its Potent Portents

Jan 8, 2024 | by Daniel Giamario |

The 20Capricorn44 New Moon happens at 3:57am PST on Thursday, January 11. As the first New Moon after the December Solstice and the beginning of the secular year, it can be seen as a seed point for all of 2024. Still out of bounds, I envision this New Moon as seeding an approach to our world which – finally! –  composts and renders obsolete the patriarchal, highjacked version of Capricorn our planet has been forced to endure for the past 5000 years. As I have variously shown in my research and presentations, the end of Kali Yuga approaches by March 2025!


Two Features Stand Out


Mercury will be at 27Sagittarius20, almost exactly at Galactic Center, as well as being at its greatest elongation, about 23degrees ahead of the Sun in the morning sky. This is a superb indicator, offering a visceral experience of Mercury in Sagittarius’ greatly enhanced capacity to see far beyond the usual boundaries and to communicate the TRUTH of what does need composting into Galactic Center. Just a few days later, on January 13, Mercury will be on the Galactic Center Cross at 00Capricorn.

A close trine of Mars at 5Capricorn08 with Jupiter at 5Taurus48 presages the dynamic April 2024 Jupiter-Uranus amplifications.

However, what precedes this New Moon may even be more potent!



Moon with Venus at Third Chakra Gate


On Monday, January 8, at 10:44am PST, the Moon and Venus will be conjunct at 12Sagittarius05. Venus is slowly and noticeably descending, now only 35degrees from the Sun. This is the fifth Moon-Venus conjunction / fifth Descending Gate since she turned direct after her heliacal rise. The conjunction opens the month-long portal of resonance with the Solar Plexus / Third Chakra. Obscurations, as well as distortions of this energy center are at the forefront.

A number of other remarkable features relative to this conjunction:

  • Venus is very close to the Royal Star Antares, Heart of the Scorpion and Guardian of the Golden Gate, the ancient name of Galactic Center. Due to Antares being South of the ecliptic and the Moon being in Lunar Standstill Season, the Moon actually occults Antares every month in 2024! Occultations are like eclipses, portals of exactitude that can be seen along narrow tracks from certain places on Earth’s surface only. This particular occultation will be observable in the far West of North America, just before sunrise.
  • This Moon-Venus conjunction is in close proximity to the United States Ascendant.
  • It seems there is a remarkable resonance with the chart of the 9/11 Twin Tower event, when Pluto was conjunct the U.S. ASC. What’s more, the Mars position at this Venus-Moon conjunction is exactly the same degree and minute of the South Node on 9/11/2001. In the sky, it is the location of the arrowhead of the Archer’s arrow pointed at Galactic Center!

Venus reaches Galactic Center on January 20, the 0Capricorn Galactic Cross on January 22, and the arrowhead of the Archer’s arrow on January 26.


Moon with Mercury at Galactic Center


The very next day, January 9, at 10:24am PST, the Moon joins Mercury at 25Sagittarius47. As mentioned above, this is its greatest morning elongation. Mercury can now easily be found about 12degrees to the lower right of Venus in the morning sky.

On January 13, Mercury will be on the Galactic Cross, soon after also reaching the arrowhead.


Moon with Mars as He Rises from the Underworld


Last but not least, the Moon joins Mars on Wednesday, January 10, 12:45am PST, at 4Capricorn 17. They will be only 15 degrees from the Sun. This is an extremely “old” Moon, and if you can spot the tiny crescent, it can help you locate Mars.

This is the first Moon-Mars portal after Mars is rising from the Underworld. It is so very interesting that this happens near the Galactic Cross and the arrow of the Archer’s arrowhead aimed at Galactic Center.


Further Ahead …


Just before the next New Moon on February 9, Venus’ and Mars’ respective lunar conjunctions on February 7 are only about 11 hours apart.

On their way to exact conjunction in Aquarius on February 20-21, Venus and Mars will come within 10degrees of each other on January 31.


Conclusions and Suggestions


It will be wise not to attempt sugar coating the numerous clues Great Mystery is providing us with.

TOTAMS makes no predictions, but we do our best to discern intent. With the aspects outlined here, pretty much anything can happen. And if we don’t consistently use a Three Worlds Approach, most of these aspects can make us feel uneasy indeed. Of course, from a Celestial perspective, All is Well. But simultaneously, the Underworld theme of surrender and composting is now very strong. As pointed out many times before, history does not necessarily repeat itself, but it very often rhymes!

In this context, it’s important to know a bit about uncensored non-mainstream history. For any curious minds, a few of my go-to resources are The Corbett ReportSolarireport, Whitney Webb at and Terry Boardman at

As practitioners of TOTAMS and the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™, these next days are a great opportunity to be with the morning sky. Tune in directly to the messages and clues being offered. Be curious and open to the insights Great Mystery is revealing, and be prepared to take action in alignment with your life purpose and place on the Wheel of Life. These are dogma-less days!

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