The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius…What? Again?

By Daniel Giamario

That is the title of this month’s NEW MOON Vlog-cast**.

I previewed this month’s Vlog-cast with a Facebook post last Tuesday that I will share here now, in case you haven’t seen it. I am also including in this article some additional interesting information about the “Age of Aquarius” issue. And then, near the end of the video, speculation on what was the identity of the “Christmas Star”.

There have been, these past weeks, numerous articles and presentations concerning the upcoming Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on the December Solstice.  A great deal of what I have seen includes a large amount of misinformation.  This is a large subject which is why we shall do an entire VLOG on this next week.

At this time I want to touch on two topics:

  1. Entering into the Age of Aquarius is NOT the same thing as the usual understanding of the SIGN of Aquarius.  Therefore this conjunction is not about the “Age of Aquarius.”  This has been a huge area of research and insight in the course of my 50 years as an astrologer.  The understanding about this issue is one of the most foundational elements of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™ and of our school.  Just notice a few things here:
  1. a)   The Theosophical Society thought it would begin around 1900.
  1. I saw many books written in the 1920s in a home library heralding the “Age of Aquarius” in that decade!
  2. In 1962, 7 planets in Aquarius heralded the beginning of the “Age of Aquarius.”
  3. According to the book, The Astrological Secrets of the Hebrew Sages, New Years day of 1981 with a Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction at 10 Libra, signaled a “great mutation” and also heralded the beginning of “The Age of Aquarius.”
  4. I lived through the late 60s and the much hyped “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.”
  5. There are innumerable other examples, and now, of course, this Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius is allegedly yet another indicator.

All these examples are missing really important things, which will be delved into, in depth, next week. Here are, however, a few things to consider.

  1. The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction and its “Great Mutation” IS a big deal.  Known as the “Great Chroncrater-Marker of Time,” it was the primary way of comprehending long periods of time  until the discovery of the trans-Saturnian planets and a deep awareness of the Turning of the Ages, first noted in 1969 in the book Hamlet’s Mill,  and then extensively researched by this author and Raymond Mardyks in the 1980s. Just how big a deal will be explored next week.  As a preview, think of the Uranus/Neptune/Pluto conjunction of 577-576 BCE.  Amazingly there is a connection.  
  2. The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School ™ has suggested that the time-frame of 1962-2034 is the most useful time-frame for the Great Turning that the planet and global humanity is in now.  There have been many indicators of this turning which is, in my opinion, the most extraordinary set of circumstances in at least 12,800 years.  Happening at the end of 2020, the Great Mutation is the latest and greatest, coinciding with many other powerful indicators of the Great Turning.
  3. A quite significant clue can be found just now in the night sky.  Look towards Jupiter and Saturn; Jupiter around 28 Capricorn and Saturn around 29 Capricorn.  Just north of them is the constellation of Aquila and the bright star Altair, the Eye of the Eagle.  At this time in the precessional cycle, Altair is at 1 Aquarius 49.  The Eagle, in my view, is a great shamanically resonant symbol for the SIGN of Aquarius, not the “Age of Aquarius.”  Remember the constellation of Aquarius, the Water Bearer, which is where the Aries (Vernal) equinox is moving towards, is not the same as what is generally believed about the sign.  This will be explored in detail next week.  Meanwhile I am suggesting that you tune in to this beautiful configuration in the sky, get your own transmissions, question everything, and then come to your own conclusions.
  4. Consider the actual meaning of the Aquarian (Water Bearer) Constellation.  Do not confuse it with the sign.  This will be explored next week.

Additional ideas about the beginning of the “Age of Aquarius” include:

  1. Robert Hand used the stars and boundaries of the Ptolemaic constellations to locate the start as 2813 AD.  (He also felt that the “Age of Pisces” began at 111 BC when the Vernal point reached Alpha Piscium, the knot of the Fish.
  2. Jung, also using the stars of the Ptolemaic constellations had two ideas: using the Aquarius constellation star 0 Aquarii, the start date would be 2154 AD; and using 113 Aquarii, it was 1997. 
  3. The IAU (International Astronomical Union), in 1930, egregiously carved the sky into 88 constellations.  Using these new boundaries, the Vernal Equinox enters the constellation of Aquarius in 2597.  Even many astrologers fall into the trap of accepting that date, even though there is some evidence that the IAU created the new boundary to mess with astrologers.
  4. Dane Rudhyar suggested two possibilities.  Several places he indicated 2060 as the date, presumably the approximate date that was 2160 years (one month in the Great Year) after the approximate date of when he thought the equinox entered the constellation of Pisces.  At another time he suggested 2010, when his calculations showed the entrance of the star Regulus into the sign of Virgo.  Recent calculations show the date to be closer to 2012.
  5. Kelly Lee Phipps in his remarkable research regarding the Jupiter/Saturn great mutation cycle, that is discussed in this vlog-cast, used the sidereal boundaries, and suggested a 300 year interface, with Aries to Pisces from 85 BC to 220 AD.  Then using the figure of 2160 years, he placed the Aquarian Age as beginning 2380 AD, after a 300 year interface from 1980-2380.

There are many more ideas out there.  But as you will see in this video, the SAMS approach renders this speculation to be rather moot, as we can clearly show that the year 1997 was the center point of the 72 year timeframe of 1962-2034, as all of the Ages are turning now.


I  recommend episode 6 of my series “The Further Adventures of Shamanic Astrology” with Gemini Brett for background on this subject as well as my article “Why We Use Signs and Love the Constellations”  and the original article at the beginning of the Shamanic Astrology handbook called “A Shamanic Look at the Turning of the Ages”

And the amazing research of Kelly Lee Phipps:

This is sold for $5 at Kelly’s website here:

**The transcript for this VLOG can be found here.


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