The Dazzling Morning Sky and some Venus/Mars Considerations

By Daniel Giamario

There continues to be a dazzling planetary display in the morning sky with Mercury now visible.  Look twelve degrees above Mercury and you will find a magnificently bright Venus, closely flanked by a 100 times dimmer Mars.  Saturn will soon join them in the morning sky rising around February 16th.

There is also an amazingly beautiful lineup including the waning crescent Moon on Feb.27th and 28th.  On the morning of Feb.9th, Venus will sparkle at her brightest (magnitude -4.65) for the entirety of 2022.

A week later, on the 16th, Venus will exactly conjoin Mars at 16Capricorn53.  They arrived within 10 degrees of each other on January 25th, and remain within 10 degrees until April 13th.

My colleague Erik Roth and I will conduct a Zoom seminar on February 15th to explore this rather unique and interesting dance of Mars and Venus on February 15th.  Details are here:  These two planets will stay close to each other in the morning sky all week (perhaps celebrating Valentine’s Day?),and will also be in a close relationship with the important star, NUNKI.

Nunki is the only named bright star that still retains its ancient Sumerian name.  This star is the “vane” of the arrow of the Archer constellation; the upper left star of the Archer’s trapezoid asterism, with the direction of the arrow pointed towards the Galactic Center.  Nunki is currently located at 12Capricorn41 with a brightness of +2.05.

Venus on the morning of the 8th is at 13Capricorn02, with Mars at 10Capricorn58.  Though at nearly the same longitudinal zodiacal degrees, you will notice that they will be seen at a considerable number of degrees of declination from each other.  Mars, just slightly brighter than Nunki, will still be out-of-bounds at -23S33, and quite South of Venus and Nunki.  Venus is at -16S32(and so much brighter), and can be sighted way South of Nunki, at -3S27.  Visually, even though they are all rising and setting nearly together, they can appear to be quite far apart from each other.

In “considering” all this (see note below), several things are worth noting.  When the 9/11/2001 events transpired, Mars was conjunct Nunki, holding and directing the arrow of the celestial Archer towards Galactic Center.  Galactic Center, as the Golden Gate, and also a large black hole, can be seen as a place of composting and dissolution; or alternatively, as a gate of Ascension and Enlightenment.  Meanwhile, Venus, having recently risen as Morning Star, is now within the 7th Chakra portal.

On the one hand, this can be a time to remove any obstructions to the archetypal Feminine (in both women and men) with connections to the Higher Self and True Nature. Yet it also must be remembered that the Mayans and Aztecs saw the Morning Star rise of Venus as a “War Goddess or God”.  I actually have a Mayan Codex entitled “Venus Regulated Warfare”, describing the use of the helical rise of Venus to time battle plans.  As always in our paradigm, we must have the courage to recognize the possibilities inherent in all three worlds.  Check out my article on our ThreeWorldsApproach HERE

Note:  I have always loved the word “consider”.  Back in the 1980’s, the etymology of the word indicated that it originally meant something like “arranging with the stars”, with clear roots back to astrology and astronomy.  Much to my surprise, when I consulted the online resources out there now, this etymology origin has been expunged.  But then, maybe I should not have been surprised at all, with the Orwellian alteration of so many other words going on now.

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