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May 4, 2023 | by Vivian Hurley |

The Living Earth

The concept of a living earth is nearly universal throughout the world, a part of a consistent system of knowledge known as the Ancient Wisdom. It is found in the mythologies of ancient civilizations, in the mystical traditions of the world’s religions, and is alive in native cultures today.

There is evidence in many parts of the world that the knowledge of the energies of the living earth were put into practice in the ancient science of geomancy.  

Books on Earth mysteries first appeared in the 1970s with “The New View Over Atlantis” by John Michell (1969; revised 1989) – the book that sparked the modern revival of earth mysteries studies. It covers geomancy, sacred numbers, sacred geometry, UFOs, astronomical alignments etc. Michell argues that ancient megalith builders knew about earth energies, that the interrelated units of measure used in monuments worldwide were derived from the earth’s size and shape, and that ley alignments and megalithic science are remnants of Atlantean science (224 pp., pb).

Earth’s Sacred Places

“The Earth Spirit: Its Ways, Shrines, and Mysteries”, John Michell (1975; 1989) – the best book to start with to grasp the notion of sense of place, and to acquire a background on the roots of geomancy. It paints a broad overview of earth-centered, spiritual traditions from around the world and the variety of places regarded as sacred. It elucidates the beliefs about the Earth as a living being held by ancient cultures, which shaped their culture, customs and form of geomancy. It surveys the belief that: the Earth Spirit animates the landscape and resides most vibrantly in the places we call sacred, as well as the methods used to detect the abode and movement of the Earth Spirit (96 pp., pb).


Geomancy has been used since ancient times to help us find the most auspicious, healthy places to live and to create a greater sense of place and community. It is an amalgamation of humanity’s knowledge about how to live in harmony with the Earth. Its primary purpose is to sustain life in abundance, keep the Earth Spirit alive and vital, and maintain peace and harmony among humans.

These practices are the oldest known forms of earth stewardship, sacred ecology, environmental psychology, and spiritually-based design. As a holistic, integrated system of natural sciences and philosophy, geomancy incorporates ecology, geology, sacred geography, architecture, sacred geometry, harmonics, dowsing, earth acupuncture, earth healing, seasonal myths and rituals, astronomy, astrology, and cosmology.

Source: American School of Geomancy

Photo Credit: Vivian Hurley

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