The Festival of the Red Swords

Dec 4, 2022 | By Daniel Giamario


There are so many remarkable things about this December 7 Gemini Full Moon, including the long Mars

occultation and the start of the next Mars synodic overstory of Gemini to set the tone of the next 25

months. The occultation and the Mars-Sun opposition occur on the same day as the Full Moon.

Full Moon 8:08pm PST, Mars opposite Sun 9:42pm PST, Moon Conjunct Mars 8:19pm PST.

There is however, a much less known, but no less important feature of this Full Moon, called the Festival

of the Red Swords. According to the book CHIEF FESTIVALS OF THE DRUIDS by John Hugh Roberts, this

festival is the oldest of all Druidic festivals. It was also known as the “Covenant of Azatlan”, and

commemorates the ways in which many diverse races and cultures set aside their differences and

worked together to survive the great disasters that befell global humanity after the fall of Atlantis at the end of the Younger Dryas about 12,000 years ago. This covenant was kept alive most recently when Celtic Druids linked with early pre-Roman Christians to create the remarkable synthesis of Celtic Christianity.

I became aware of this festival in 1989 prior to its rare occurrence in December of 1990 and gathered a

sizable group on the beach at Point Sol, California. This was a good six years before I even first learned

about the Mars synodic cycle.

What is of great interest to me and within our paradigm is how this festival uses both sidereal and

synodic criterion. From the book is the following song sung at the festival:

“When rudy face Andres (Antares) shall entertain ’San’ (Sun),

And San is saluted by Alderbaran,

And Nergal (Mars) the warrior Be Guard at the Door,

The Druids and the Christians shall meet on the shore.

Foot to foot, knee to knee,

Breast to Breast embracing”.

The criterion is Sun conjunct Antares, the Moon conjunct Aldebaran, and Mars conjunct the Moon and

Aldebaran. These phenomena are not specific to signs, but rather the Sun and Moon with the fixed red

stars of Antares and Aldebaran. The placement of Mars with Aldebaran is based on the synodic cycle of

Mars. These conditions were met on December 2, 1990, and not again until this Full Moon. Looking

back, the only other time this happened in the 20th century was December 11 1943. Mars, Aldebaran and Antares are the three “red swords”.

As you gaze on the Full Moon and experience the occultation, also remember this oldest of Druidic

ceremonials, commemorating something really quite hopeful and positive, the bringing together of

different cultures, races and religions in the common purpose of surviving the end of Kali Yuga and

building a new Prime Earth at this Great Turning of the Ages.

See more about this rare and remarkable event with my most recent video blog:

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