The Heliacal Rise of Venus – What This Earth Asks and Demands

Aug 28, 2023 | by Naraya Naserian |


The Heliacal Rise of Venus and Her New Leo Cycle


The heliacal rise of Venus happened on August 19 with her being positioned in the 17th degree of Leo. Using the teachings of the TOTAMS / Shamanic Astrological Paradigm, this event was the birth of the next 584-day Venus synodic cycle and established the Leo Mystery School as the overstory for this cycle.

Much has been written and said about this already, but i felt strongly compelled to point to a particular aspect of this heliacal rise which might otherwise not receive the attention it in my opinion deserves. That particular aspect is the relevant Star Spark or Chandra Symbol for 17 Leo, as it was brought to our awareness by Daniel Giamario during the recent free preview for the upcoming 19-months immersive group journey TOTAMS is offering.

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What Are The Star Sparks?



Similar to the better known Sabian Symbols, the Chandra Symbols are a series of 360 divination images, one for each degree of the zodiac, channeled by John Sandbach in 1983 and later on deepened and expanded upon into the Star Sparks through the work of Ellias Lonsdale in his books Inside Degrees  and 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny, A Zodiac Oracle. 







Star Spark 17 Leo


From Ellias Lonsdale, 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny, A Zodiac Oracle:

 “Leo 17

Elegant black women sitting on a porch fanning themselves

We have been here all along. We have stayed underfoot. Our voice, our part, has been subliminal. Our power has expressed itself in all the subtle, hidden gestures and meanings that the outer mind passes by, which we all know are the substance of this life.

What we have been doing as we wait for the old, tired world to die is to form an alliance with Earth and all her beings, gathering strength, keeping out of surface affairs, just expectantly knowing our time is soon to come. And so we have indeed stayed well under and been perfectly equipped to carry on this way forever.

We bear the authority of everything you have cast out in order to civilize the surface and push the depths under. We speak the silent language of those who do not need to say much. A glance is sufficient.

We are aware that the old times are crumbling, and we are emerging. It may take an adjustment to be willing to share, to disclose, to offer freely what we’ve been storing up in so many cellars since the dawn of time. We’re not the least bit accustomed to the light of day. We had to do without.

Listen closely. Pay careful heed. We share from a depth of experience that is startling. And if you are able to tune in to our frequency of denied, suppressed worlds, you will be exposed to something you perhaps assumed had long ago passed from this world.

We are mighty. We are relentless. We can take on any form and no form. The outer matters little. What we seek now is for the whole circle to be restored. Shallow worlds, take notice! We have found our path now, we have remembered our lineage, and we will not be turned back.”

“Finding Solutions”, oil on canvas by Onesmus Okamar, Kenya

I invite you to pause here for a moment. Stop, breathe and become present to the power and possible implications for the course of action we can all derive from the potent symbolism depicted in these few lines! And just like i did, you might want to ask yourself: “How will i apply this in my life – right now, during the 584 days to come, and beyond?”




And if this was not powerful, spine-chilling and mind-opening enough, here is the condensed version from the book Inside Degrees, Developing Your Soul Biography Using The Chandra Symbols, also by Ellias Lonsdale:

“Leo 17

Rising superior to apparent limitations, you defiantly renounce the letter of the law to salvage the spirit of the law. Puncturing pretense. Breaking down power and control structures. You are militantly outrageous, antitraditional. Pulled forward by a vision, a knack, an instinct for what this Earth asks and demands. On fire with the power of radical changes, you feel in your cells the next stage in evolution. Ignited by the sense for being selected out as the quintessential representative of progressive currents, you dramatize yourself, your cause, your expanding awareness. You want to make sure everybody knows that something new is going on around here, and that it will not stop nor take a back seat to anybody or anything.”

“Defiantly renounce the letter of the law to salvage the spirit of the law.” Does that ring a bell for anyone with regards to world events in recent years? A time when laws were decreed which criminalize ordinary people and other laws were passed allowing criminals to go free …

Well, all i’d like to say to those making such “laws” is this:

“We are mighty. We are relentless. We can take on any form and no form. The outer matters little. What we seek now is for the whole circle to be restored. Shallow worlds, take notice! We have found our path now, we have remembered our lineage, and we will not be turned back.”




The new Venus cycle within the framework of the Leo overstory and the symbolism highlighted in this article brings about a powerful opportunity for each and every one of us – be we female or male, brown or pale – to not only explore and step more fully into the Leo essence of radical, radiant Self Love, but above all else, to finally reclaim our individual sovereignty which is rooted in the fact that we are made in the image and likeness of God/dess, Source, Great Mystery – call it what you will – endowed with inalienable freedoms and rights to support our soul’s journey on this planet, in this lifetime, to the highest and best.

Furthermore, the rich imagery of the 17 Leo Star Spark is uncannily reminiscent of the Capricorn overstory Venus had infused herself with during her previous cycle: The Circle of Wise Grandmothers, The Elder Wisdom defining and upholding the continuation of life, culture, and the structures of society at any given point in history. So as we strive to reclaim our divine sovereignty, we are being called to do so from the elder wisdom within ourselves – wisdom being defined as applied knowledge and understanding born from well digested and integrated life experience.

The grand question is: Will we stand the test?

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