The Leo Full Moon

Jan 21, 2024 | by Vivian Hurley |


On January 25, 2024 at 12:54 pm EST, the 05Leo14 Full Moon is opposite the Sun in 04 Aquarius14 conjunct Pluto


Sun & Pluto in Aquarius:  Progress in Science, Technology, and Society


The Sun in Aquarius urges us to get in touch with our need to be the Universal Free Spirit. It is through our own authentic unique self that we can feel that we are part of a larger whole. Aquarius liberates us from the old mindset that fitting in means losing oneself and being submissive or conforming. Fitting in for Aquarius means finding commonalities and serving in our unique capacity.


Aquarius is the cosmic visionary, innovator and revolutionary, and often linked with quantum leaps and advancements in science and technology. Aquarius also represents important shifts in social standards and how we perceive our humanity. This includes grassroots movements, promoting egalitarianism, and making collaboration and cooperation a top priority.


Pluto is the planet that guides us to inner transformation and empowerment through dying to all that stands in the way of living our soul’s purpose. Pluto’s move into Aquarius can open us to a new mindset for how we relate to ourselves, each other, and the world.

We can imagine the future involving an awakening to the spiritual essence of our human experience and the sacredness of the Earth, leading to a commitment to care for the planet and each other. Increased awareness can promote a sense of interconnectedness and unity, shaping political and economic structures to support true equality, justice, and sustainability. This can move us beyond the current polarization, inversions, domination, control, and exploitation of organic human and earth’s resources.

The Shadow

Utopian Aquarian dreams can easily devolve into dystopia. We can fall prey to even more serious versions of ideological indoctrination and technological dehumanization. No matter how we frame and idealize our views, all individuals, social movements, and technology are subject to abuse of power.


Leo Full Moon


Do we have the awareness to keep our composure and neutrality to stay in our heart center while observing the broader perspective?

The Leo-Aquarius Axis is intended to empower and promote each other’s uniqueness and individuality and is founded on the principles of sovereignty and autonomy.

Leo represents personal power, individual creativity, and the sovereignty of our soul. The Lion teaches us to be the star, to show up and shine our light, and to follow our heart. The majestic Leo teaches us to honor and love our Soul through radiant self-love, confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem.

A major contribution of the Leo archetype is the realization that only in heart-centered consciousness are we able to work together to create lasting change. A spiritual revolution is the groundwork of structural changes that can be effective and sustainable.

This axis integrates individuality and interdependence. Both stand for personal freedom. Leo’s self-interest and Aquarius’ collective concerns synthesize as heart-centered collaboration for the good of all. The Lion’s fiery passion and the Water Bearer’s neutral detachment keep each other balanced.

Aquarius is the change agent and holds the common vision. Leo reminds us that everyone must do their part and offer their creative contribution for the vision to manifest. Aquarius invites us to participate in the collective whole to improve the human condition. Both individual and group consciousness are necessary to  transform to a heart centered world, and time line split based sovereign autonomy,  peace, harmony,  and abundance for all.


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