The Pisces New Moon and the Third Chakra Gate of Venus

Feb 20, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |

The Pisces New Moon happened on Sunday at 11:06pm PST. This was soon followed by the ingress of Venus into Aries at 11:56pm PST. These are excellent harbingers for the remarkable coming events. One focus involves the Jupiterian Aries amplification of Chiron, Vesta, Juno and Eris, along with Venus shining a light on them all. This is magnified spectacularly when Venus and Jupiter join together in the evening sky on March 1 at 12Aries08. The other focal point is the upcoming Saturn ingress into Pisces on March 7, followed by the Sun-Neptune conjunction in Pisces March 15, which will be written about later. 

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Some dates for reference:

Venus is in Aries until March 16; Jupiter is in Aries until May 16

Venus conjuncts

  • the Moon, Feb 22, 1:26am PST
  • Vesta, Feb 22 at 2Aries32
  • Jupiter, March 1 at 12Arries08
  • Chiron, March 3 at 13Aries59
  • Eris, March 11 at 24Aries13

Jupiter conjuncts

  • the Moon, Feb 22, 2:46pm PST
  • Chiron, March 11 at 14Aries05

Moon-Venus Conjunction: Third Gate/Portal

As a possible way to gain insights from the alignments and intent of this lunation, the Venus synodic cycle can provide a most useful context.

On Wednesday, February 22, at 1:26am PST, the Moon will align with Venus at 2Aries22, close to the place in the sky where the ecliptic and the celestial equator meet, known as the Vernal Equinox.  Venus is now in the Capricornian Overstory of her synodic cycle, and in her evening star phase. The conjunction can easily be seen about 30 degrees above the setting Sun. This alignment in her evening star phase opens the gate/portal of the third chakra. Post her 2022 underworld initiation cycle of September 14 – December 1, this is where the full power and strength of the third chakra can be owned by both women and men – it’s not only a “goddess” thing!

What can the third chakra imply? 

Here are some suggestions: Known as the Solar Plexus or Navel Chakra, key components include personal power and will, self-confidence, motivation, and it is a holder of personal identity. Tradition associates the third chakra with the color yellow, fire, and the Sun. Isn’t it rather appropriate that Venus is in the fire sign of Aries? The larger context in this lunation is then that, individually and personally, those of us who know that the evolution of human consciousness resides in the awake individual, and not in the collective, can now take action in our commitment to our life purpose dharma.

In the Capricornian Overstory, the patriarchal hijack of the Capricorn Mystery School must be seen through and discarded. The authentic contribution of Capricorn, through both men and women, is to value what has been useful in the past, but always make all decisions with reference to future generations, and not to shareholders or quarterly profits. We all serve the council of elders / circle of grandmothers. Commit to the part you can play and don’t sit this out! This lunation compels action and commitment, with the third gate opening clearly pointing this out.

Jupiter: The Larger Context

Meanwhile Jupiter is there as an even larger context. The keywords that I love for Jupiter can be employed: amplification, activation, enthusiasm and expansion. The Moon/Jupiter conjunction happens on February 22, amazingly so near to Venus, and should not be missed.

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