The Power and Intensity of Maximum Solar and Lunar Synchronization

by Daniel Giamario

IS it possible to integrate the Lunar and Solar cycles? This question has been a concern and interest of global humanity for a very very long time, occupying the attention of virtually every culture. The fact that the two primary visual symbols of time (among other things) have cycles that don’t integrate easily with each other has resulted in many calendric attempts to create a useful political or philosophical solution.

The numbers twelve and thirteen figure greatly into this issue. The 27.3 day lunar sidereal cycle divides into the solar year with the closest whole number of 13. The 29.5 day lunar synodic cycle (New Moon to New Moon or Full Moon to Full Moon) divides into the year with the closest whole number of 12. Our monthly (‘moonthly’) secular calendar reflects the cycle of 12. It is important to note that BOTH the number twelve and thirteen are sacred numbers of the Moon as it relates to annual cycle of the Sun. Plus, it is also interesting to note that both lunar cycles (sidereal and synodic) are nowhere close to coming out even with the Solar cycle.

There have been uncountable possible solutions to this situation, from the mythical and not physically real number 28 for the Moon cycle, to systems of adding and subtracting days, months, and years over periods of time. Some cultures just gave up and ran parallel lunar and solar calendars with no attempt to harmonize them.

In our neck of the woods (desert), that is, the Southwest USA, cultures such as the Pueblo and Zuni (descendants of the Anasazi) were most interested in the times of closest proximity of a Full Moon with one the solar gateways (also known as equinoxes and solstices). These times maximized the power and intensity of the Sun and Moon together. When this happened there was a larger sense of a “New Year’ or a greater cycle than the usual seasonal junction point. When a Lunar Eclipse was added to this combination it became super-potent.

Cayelin Castell co-founder of SAMS has deeply researched the phenomena known as the “Blue Moon’. See her article on Understanding the Blue Moon for more about this phenomenon.

Contrary to popular belief, the original meaning of a Blue Moon was Four Full Moons in one season. This required that a Full Moon occur close to an equinox or solstice boundary. In addition to the larger context of the current cosmological events, including the solar system in alignment with the galactic plane, the galactic alignment and the Turning of the Ages from the observer of the sky on Earth, and the location of so many of the outer planets and nodal axis on the ‘cross’ of the global horoscope; just the most basic experience of the Sun and Moon, the most foundationally evident symbols of perception, reveal something very special and powerful for this time in 2010 from the Autumnal Equinox to the Winter Solstice.

There was a Full Moon near this past Autumnal Equinox, within about 6 hours, at 0 Aries 15. And, there will be a Full Moon near the Winter Solstice, about 15 hours prior at 29 Gemini 21. What sets this apart from other seasons with four Full Moons is a rare Winter Solstice Full Moon total Lunar Eclipse occurring around midnight and early morning of December 21st with the Sun near galactic center and the Moon near the galactic edge.

According to ancient reckoning, we are currently in a time of maximum synchronization of the Solar and Lunar cycles. This is another powerful indicator of the remarkable nature of the current time. Using the insights of the Shamanic Astrology paradigm, this is when the maximum accumulation of lineage knowledge from the past (in particular the Mystery School of Aries and the spring equinox teachings, and the mystery school of Cancer and the summer solstice teachings via these Full Moons) are further invigorating and illuminating the Solar gates of the fall equinox and the winter solstice. The intent as I see it is inspiring a powerful renewal of global humanity and the planet herself, in this very season.

One last thing, you are invited to join the SAMS event here in Southern Arizona, for a mini-event December 2011 celebrating the birthday of SAMS as well as ceremonially holding space for the Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse.



  1. Lisa Michaels

    Thanks so much for this article Daniel. The alignment of the moon with the wheel of the year always creates a magical creation and ceremonial window that I love consciously participating in. I appreciate knowing that we are in maximum synchronization.

  2. Adam

    Thank you so much. Absolutely love your perspective and insight.


  3. Stargazer Li

    In looking deeply, I’ve found that beginning with the past Summer Solstice, just days after which was the quite potent Lunar Eclipse conjunct Pluto at the Galactic Center, then the Autumn Equinox, and the coming Winter Solstice with its echoing eclipse, and next Spring’s Equinox all have Full Moons quite close, effectively renewing all the cornerstones and doorways of where the cosmos meets the earth, within which we live…

    • Cayelin

      Yes Li it is true although the current Equinox to Solstice window is the only one with four Full Moons in a season wrapping up with an eclipse grand finale on the fourth Full Moon just hours before the Solstice…the additional ones you mentioned are definitely worthy of our notice as well.

  4. Clare Coriell

    There is an additional piece to the magic of this particular Lunar Eclipse.

    Not only is the eclipsing Full Moon exactly aligned with the Earth, the Solstice Sun, and the Galactic Core (since we are in the 2012 window), but ALL of the planets and ALL of the major asteroids are in the same half of the sky as the Sun and centered around it. Therefore there is a perfect Grail formation in the sky! If you want to see a picture of the formation, you can see it on my blog –

    This Grail is holding a very special space for us to receive the higher frequency energy and the higher dimensional wisdom coming into our Solstice Sun and then into us from the Galactic Core – the Great Central Sun or Higher spiritual center of our Galaxy.

    Also you may like to know that spiritually when a lunar eclipse happens, the etheric shielding that our Moon keeps around our Earth comes down, and there is a huge input of energy and information coming in. Since this lunar eclipse happens when we are aligned with the Galactic Core we should be able to receive the wisdom from there more directly. Also with the chalice formed by the planets, we can hold and integrate it more deeply.

    The Mayan Calendar day of the Solstice-Eclipse day is a 10 Caban with brings us the perfect manifestation of balanced Earth grids, aligned with the Cosmic crystalline grid of light. Truly an amazing and VERY rare event.

    I am coordinating having people meditate on this night – either Monday night at about 9 pm (EST) or at the eclipse time itself. You can get a copy of my newsletter with all this information by emailing me at

    Many blessings of this special Solstice time of year when we are birthing the light of our highest Spirit Self in our hearts.

  5. Aurora

    Thanks for finally writing about > The Power and Intensity of Maximum Solar and Lunar Synchronization :: Shamanic Astrology Mystery School < Liked it!



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