The Saturn-Uranus Square Reaches a Dynamic Turning Point

With a look at the upcoming week (November 1, 2021)

By Daniel Giamario

There is so much to unpack this week. The most important global aspect of 2021 is the triple (waning) square of Saturn to Uranus. So far there have been two exact squares: Feb.17th at 7Aquarius13/7Taurus13, and June 14th at 13Aquarius07/13Taurus07. The third one happens December 24th at 11Aquarius05/11Taurus05. There is very nearly an exact fourth square in September-October of 2022! This is a truly significant transit. It is a process that began with the Saturn/Uranus conjunction of February 1988. The previous conjunction was in 1942.

I perceive these days surrounding the Scorpio New Moon to be a pivotal turning point in the universal intent of this global planetary process. Here is why:

This past Saturday, the 30th, the Sun squared Saturn at 2:53AM PDT at 7Scorpio12 / 7Aquarius12. Notice how close these degrees are to the February square. Also on Saturday, Mars, still now in the Underworld, entered into Scorpio.

The Scorpio New Moon happens at 2:15PM Wednesday November 4th, at 12Scorpio40. Certainly this New Moon signifies a turning point. (We will have additional posts about this New Moon). Amazingly, a few hours later, the Sun reaches its yearly opposition with Uranus at 4:58PM PDT at 12Scorpio48 / 12Taurus48. Again, notice the degrees, and especially if you have anything important on your natal chart near these degrees in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.

Almost as footnotes, we can also add to the great cosmic drama of the clash of planets, the following: Mercury enters Scorpio on Friday, the 5th. And, then on November 10th, Mercury and Mars are conjunct, whilst Mars still in the Underworld at 7Scorpio22. In addition the exact Samhain cross quarter is on November 6th (15 Scorpio).

I see this as a full speed ahead to the intended result of the Saturn-Uranus triple square, just after the December Solstice. Every time that the Aries synodic overtone of Mars emphasizes Aries, he will rise in Scorpio. This happens November 22nd at the cross-quarter degree of 15Scorpio. A really great pressure has been building up, and will certainly continue. Maybe you can see, why I do, that this is a great turning point.

My speculation involves the fate and/or destiny of the United States, and, indeed, all of global humanity.  So much of what is happening is not as it seems in the mainstream. I will not pretend to know what “Great Mystery” or Gaia, herself, has in mind at this time. Much depends on the Aries god, for both Men and Women. Will there be the capacity to surrender, change the game of 12,800 years, and to actually grieve, and see a new and different way forward? With so much emphasis growing from the Scorpio Mystery School now, much also depends on the willingness to own and then integrate the shadow, and the “mistakes” of global humanity’s recent history. I can also see this as a decision, on a personal and collective level, to either choose to fulfill human 1.0, that represents our water based organic destiny, or to align with human 2.0, an artificial intelligence, silicon based, hunger for immortalty. I know well where I stand on this, but also totally advocate that every individual can have the freedom to choose their own course, and to not impose their views on others. We stand always for personal sovereignty and honoring all places on the wheel. And always, to surrender to what Great Mystery is orchestrating.  We can only play our part, as best we can. We must be awake, and remember what is at stake.  Hopefully, this is helpful, to be aware of the cosmic players that are instructing us.

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