The Star Regulus Rises September 7

by Erik Roth

Heliacal Rise of Regulus, Sept 7, 2022

One of the four Royal Stars, Regulus, rises into visibility (with the much brighter Venus just below Regulus) on the morning of September 7th. Regulus sits in the constellation of the Lion at 00°08’ Virgo and on the ecliptic (or the path of the Sun). Symbolizing the “heart of the Lion”, this star has been invisible to the naked eye for over a month, but the morning of the 7th is rises briefly before the glare of the Sun overwhelms the light of Regulus.

The reason September 7th is the date of Regulus’ rise to visibility is that the Sun has now moved to 15° away from the star. Most visible planets and stars need at least a 15° orb away from the Sun to be seen due to the glare of the Sun. Some people may be able to see it a day or two earlier or days later depending upon their given horizon line or perhaps weather conditions.

The planet Venus will still also be visible at 3° Virgo, adding to the strong feminine frequency of this year’s heliacal rise of Regulus.  Though, Venus is currently in its descent phase, meaning the symbolic goddess is nearing the underworld to die and be reborn, as the ancient Mesopotamians experienced it through their goddess Inanna/Ishtar. 

It was on August 7th that Regulus disappeared in the evening sky when the Sun was 15° away. Over the course of the next weeks and months, it will become easier and easier to see Regulus.

Regulus’ position in the Lion constellation gives it a place of potency in humanity’s history. Regulus and form of the Lion constellation are a direct link to the “as above, so below” statement in the structure of the Egyptian Sphinx. The star has been associated with a variety of kings, monarchs and gods in ancient times.

The Lion constellation, where Regulus is located is not the same as the sign of Leo. While a part of the Lion constellation overlays the sign of Leo, most of it overlays the sign of Virgo. Regulus moved into the sign of Virgo in 2011, heralding another symbol that we are entering the time of the Turning of the Ages.

The fascination with the Lion constellation has led to the emergence of what is known as the “Lion’s Gate” of August 8th (more popularly known as 8/8) and a misunderstanding of the association of Leo and the Lion constellation. But the Sun itself is not in the Lion constellation at that time. The Sun is between the constellations of the Lion and Crab, in what the Greeks saw as “unformed stars”, which is a place of infinite potentiality and creative expression.

About 2000 years ago, it was fully in the sign of Leo and many characteristics were blended of the constellation with the sign of Leo. But more and more the combination of the Lion and the sign of Virgo are being expressed. A person may begin to describe this combination as a “Queen-Priestess-Lion” of a sort with eye on the great patterning of the world and more dedicated to being of service while at the same time their voice becomes more noticeable.

In ancient times, Regulus was known as the “Watcher of the North” and marked one of the “4 corners” of the Earth, meaning one of the 4 seasonal points or directions (along with the stars Fomalhaut, Antares and Aldebaran). Regulus marked the June Solstice about 2345 BCE and will mark another seasonal point when it reaches the sign of Libra (Sept Equinox) in the year 4160. Due to the Precession of the Equinox, about every 6500 years, it will shift to the next seasonal marker.

We can all “tune into” this star by recognizing certain points when the star reaches a time of ceremony or of importance like the 7th of September. I would always encourage anyone to check out when an important star or planet has its heliacal rise or other significant aspect or moment. This is one of those times to see this first-hand.

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