The Taurean Underworld Intensifies, But Do Not Ignore Mars!

May 19, 2024 | by Daniel Giamario |

Last week I wrote about the powerful gathering of Uranus, Jupiter and Venus in the celestial Underworld, on the other side of the Sun. This scenario reaches its crescendo this weekend! Sunday, May 19, features the exact Sun-Jupiter conjunction at 28Taurus18 and Venus in union with Uranus at 23Taurus24.

Significant events over the last week included massive Canadian wildfires, spectacular aurora displays in unheard of locations, a Slovakian assassination attempt, and massive tornadoes and storms across the U.S., most recently Houston, TX. In addition, the rumors and fog of war abounds.


What is Mars up to?


As the astrological narrative soon shifts to Gemini, it is important to not neglect what Mars is up to, in particular on Sunday, May 19, as well as throughout the rest of the month and into early June. Mars aligns with the North Lunar Node at 14Aries56 around 10:00pm PDT and will remain in a close orb with the North Node for several days. Meanwhile, the Moon in Libra aligns with the South Lunar Node between 9:30-10:00am PDT on Sunday.

The exact Moon-Mars opposition is just before that, 8:48am PDT at 14Libra33-14Aries33.


Why is this important?


To better understand this, we need to look at the United States chart.


So much has been written over these past three years, by many others and myself, about the U.S., in particular regarding the Neptune opposition, the still ongoing Chiron return, and the final phase of the Pluto Return. See my U.S. Chart Series here.

Not to be overlooked is this Mars transit, as it is in opposition to the U.S. natal Saturn of 14Libra48. The transiting South Node is also there, with the Moon on the U.S. natal Saturn.

One of the three greatest challenges and shadows of the U.S. chart is the close square from Saturn to the Sun (and Jupiter and Venus) in opposition to Chiron! This can easily refer to the myopic egoic attachment to the clannish “American exceptionalism” (“We’re Number One”) view, and the denial around hegemony, colonialism, and the genocides of sovereign nations under the guise of the doctrine of discovery and “manifest destiny.” The “karma” of America’s shadow and denial is very much in play, and these two weeks can reveal quite a lot.

Chiron returns and Pluto returns always create a context for the digestion of the fracture points (Chiron) and the ability to compost the shadow (Pluto) and allow for renewal and re-birth. We pray for an outcome with the least suffering!

Still to come in the Mars transit are its conjunctions with Chiron on May 29 at 22Aries and with Eris on June 2 at 25Aries31.

Stay Awake!

Stay awake and align your spiritual will to your soul and spirit in union with your dharma and life purpose!

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