These Are Powerful Times

Nov 22, 2023 | by Lizzie Moon |

These are powerful times.
We all know it. We feel it. We see it. Sense it. All around.
So many things are changing everywhere … in the “world,” in our communities, in our families,
our homes, inside ourselves.
It’s been a fast and intense year … two years … three years! Right?!
It seems like so much – more than “usual” – has happened with us, individually and
We’ve been through a lot. We’ve looked deeply. We’ve digested and healed many “wounds”and incisions, many illusions and falsities.
It’s even hard to recognize how we used to be. We are different. We’ve changed. I’ve changed.
So much is eclipsing.
As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.


These times bring the memory of the song title, Times They Are A-Changin‘ (Bob Dylan)
Yes, the “wheel” keeps turning …
and we find ourselves amidst great change yet again.
Great Turning.
“A quickening, an acceleration, a recapitulation …
A Turning of the Ages”
~ Daniel Giamario, founder of TOTAMS and my personal mentor.

We are now — right now! — at the convergence of many timelines!
We are all experiencing the end and beginning of huge cosmological cycles!
And these great shifts come with earth-shaking, mountain-crumbling chaos …
personally and collectively!
Have you noticed?
As within, so without. As above, so below.

How do we navigate these times, this chaos, and turn it into something useful? Something with purpose? Something fertile for new growth? How do each of us
– individually and humanity as a whole –
keep our hearts open as things around us seem to be “bottoming out?”

After much study, consideration and discussion with others contemplating this subject,
it seems the general consensus is that  after all of our searching, all of our deep dives down rabbit holes, all of our awakening to new truths, all of our endeavors to find the best and/or “right” way to live a happy, free and sovereign life,
we are lead to and must ultimately follow the age-old adage,
“Know Thyself.”

Only as we know ourselves better, we discover what we want, what we need, what we’re willing to do, willing to offer, to tolerate, to trust, to believe, to give, to keep, to surrender.
We “get real” with ourselves and we take action on our own behalf.
Which inevitably brings us to the brink of change.

Which is often a process 

For me, the proclamation of, “I’m coming out!” in a recent publication has led to just that … the process of Me getting to Know My Self deeply. Authentically.
Getting Real on all fronts.
Following through with tough decisions.
Taking action, letting things go. Honing it down. Changing course.

By proclaiming, “I’m coming out,” I’ve discovered a sharpening of intention and focus,
a way to direct my energy toward what I love,
to give breath and voice to what makes my heart sing and my mind light up,
to what gives me life and drive and passion …

But that’ s how it goes in a Great Turning. At the end of one “time” (Age) and a beginning of another. A new cycle, a new year, a new spring, a new day, a new sprout is always preceded by a period of darkness. Then, as all the natural forces come together – the sun, the water, the soil, the air, the Life Force – a new creation is formed from the seed, the day, the season, the year, the cycle that came before. A metamorphosis happens somewhere deep down, there is a “turning,” a change, a massive transformation from seed to sprout. By tending to the dark soil, the compost, by contributing the forms of energy that encourage fertility and accelerate growth, something substantive and nutritive and life-giving appears that interacts with all of those same elements that gave it life … and continues the cycles of As Above, So Below.

We — all of us — are now in the midst of a Great Turning of cycles. A “great year” is ending and a new one beginning, a new cosmological season, a turning from how it was to how it is now, from how we were to how we are now. And these massive changes are happening quickly, at an accelerated pace so we can digest (compost) it well, trust that the magic is happening in the places we can’t see, and then realize the substance, the product, the produce, the life-giving nutrients encapsulated in the metamorphosed & developed form of what had been previously planted.

“Turning of the Ages” – (def.) a quickening, an acceleration, a recapitulation.

This term was coined by Daniel Giamario, a man I greatly respect and am honored to have as my personal teacher and mentor. Daniel is the founder of Turning of the Ages Mystery School (TOTAMS) and the Shamanic Astrology paradigm™ that magically came into my life a year ago (2022) and caused the metamorphosis, the massive shift that re-set me directly onto the original path of my soul’s intent!

No small event. Definitely a quickening, an acceleration and recapitulation! And it’s been a process ….

I’ll maybe expound on how these alignments came to be in future posts, but for now I’ll summarize that through the gift of this life-opening paradigm, I’ve been able to realize and deeply embody my unique purpose in this lifetime, to know myself better than ever before, and to authentically follow my callings, and do what I truly love. I’ve been able to get an objective view of how things developed so far; what I’m here to learn, express and create; and to give myself permission to stop doing some things and start doing others … to let go of any fear of change so I can realize the substance of the new creation.

So here it is. What I love is learning, applying and offering this paradigm of Shamanic Astrology and guiding others to the path of their original soul’s intent and initiatory journeys just like what happened for me. I also love, love, love singing in my band!! I never dreamed leading my own band would be part of my life but it is … and I love it! “Lizzie Moon” band has been together for a few years and my bandmates are premium musicians who like to be creative and dip their toes in a variety of genres – a little rock, a little funk, a little blues, a little jazz … a little something for everyone!

So that’s what I’m going to do! These are the things I’m putting my attention and energy toward simply because I love them! And doing what I/we love changes the world! If we’re all connected, we’re all affected!

The seedling has broken ground,

nourished by the soil and the water,

reaching for the air and the light,

fresh, a new substantive creation,

an encapsulation of the elements and nutrients of



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