This Wonder of Solstice Full Moons

By Daniel Giamario

Full Moons that appear at or near a Solstice often had tremendous significance to ancient Earth/Sky peoples, in, among other places, the American Southwest.  It was one of the many ways to synchronize Solar ceremonials with Lunar ceremonials.  In ancient Egypt, the synchronization was between the closest tiny crescent new Moon with the March equinox to mark a new year, and even to have a sense as to the star of a whole new age.

This month’s Full Moon, happening at 8:36PM PST, on Saturday December 18th, is at 27Gemini29, less than 3 days from the exact December Solstice.  This certainly qualifies as one of these ceremonial synchronizations.  And there are many additional interesting features of this Full Moon.

This year the exact placement of Galactic Center is 27Sagittarius09.  The Sun will be at 27Sagittarius29!  The Moon, in opposition, will be also a mere 20 minutes from the exact Galactic Edge (what astronomers call quite inelegantly the “galactic anti-center”.  This has major implications as we shall see.

Does this happen like this very often?  To find out, it’s important to be aware of two remarkable features of the Moon’s cycles.  One is the Moon’s Metonic cycle; wherein the Moon will return to nearly the same place every 19 years.  Following is a tabulation of the closest Full Moons to the December Solstice:

December 19, 2002 27Gemini42    December 19, 2021 27Gemini29   December 18, 2040 27Gemini11

December 22, 1999   0Cancer25     December 22, 2018 0Cancer49      December 22, 2037 1Cancer02

December 21, 2010   29Gemini21   December 20, 2029 29Gemini21   December 20, 2048 29Gemini03

You will notice the 19 year pattern.  I think all of these qualify as Sun/Moon ceremonial synchronizations.  But there is more, far more.  The Sun, physically from our perception, never actually crosses in front of Galactic Center that lies somewhat below the ecliptic.  The Turning of the Ages coordinates, that I use, value 0Capricorn/Cancer as the key, as that is where the Sun is located in a seasonal change in the 26,000 year precessional cycle.  SAMS reckons 1962-2034 as the time-frame of the seasonal change we are in the midst of.  Thus 27 Sagittarius/27 Gemini are as important as Full Moons nearer to the 0Capricorn/Cancer Solstice points.  But, amazingly, the Moon, sometimes, does cross over Galactic Center and the Galactic Edge!

For this remarkable feature of the cycles of the Moon, we need to know about the Lunar Standstill.  Although this was hugely important to the ancient Earth/Sky peoples, this phenomenon was not even recognized by us moderns, until 1969.  Alexander Thom was most responsible for this.  Modern astrologers refer to this as merely as an out-of-bounds Moon.  The extreme Outer Lunar Standstill is usually termed the major lunar standstill.  This is when the Moon swings more than 5 degrees outside the boundaries of the Sun’s path, known as the ecliptic.  This occurred in 1969, 1987, 2005-6, and will take place again in 2024-2025.  Already the Moon is way out-of-bounds, beyond the ecliptic, when the Moon is near the Solstice points (Gemini/Cancer and Sagittarius/Capricorn).  This Full Moon is 26.15 degrees North of the ecliptic, nearly 3 degrees.  Any child that is born between 2021-2028 with the Moon in any of these signs, will have an out-of bounds Moon.  This is also true if you have one of those Moons and are born near 1950, 1969, 1987, 2006, or 2024-2025.  As we get closer to 2024-2025, the Moon will actually cross directly over the Galactic Center at the Southern extreme when in late Sagittarius or early Capricorn.  The absolute maximum extreme Outer Lunar Standstill will occur March 7, 2025, 28.42 North Latitude, more than 5 degrees beyond the ecliptic.  When near the June Solstice, the Moon does pass directly over Galactic Center.

What is the significance and practical application of all this?  This is the fourth and last time within the time-frame of the Turning of the Ages (1969, 1987, 2006, and now coming soon).  Considering the immense importance that the lunar standstill had for our fore-bearers; as witnessed by the numerous megalithic monuments across the world that ceremonialize it, it feels important it be aware of this.  This adds an even larger lens, and an additional framework, for having an understanding of just how important the times we are living are in.  The even greater changes may still be to come, as the Kali Yuga bottoms out, and the Fourth Turning is upon us.  On a personal level, if you are an out-of-bounds Moon person, you will clearly be on the front lines of global transformation, with the ability to see beyond the mainstream deceptions, and in a totally maverick and unique way, be able to pierce the veil of illusion and deception.  You may be able to participate in dreaming and then intending the next cycle.  For those without this feature, be aware that, in the past, lunar standstills were the time of the gathering of the tribes, the greatest ceremonies, the sharing of stories, and the periodic reanimation and revitalization of the world.

Be sure to go out and with be this Full Moon.  And remember that the Moon is exactly at the Galactic Edge, the place where so very many cultures perceived as where souls and new creation enters.  This is the Silver Gate.  And then, being aware that the Sun, is “on the cross’, at the Galactic Center, the Golden Gate, where that which needs to be composted, gets composted, or concurrently, where entrance into a new 5D reality can take pace.  One additional thing to take notice of, should you watch the Moonrise or Moonset: the place where the Moon rises or sets will be far to the North of where you will see the Sun rise or set, this can be quite surprising and really unique.

This Full Moon will be at the Northern extreme (late Gemini).  Interestingly, Chimney Rock, in Southern Colorado, a Chaco Canyon outlier, was built specifically to ceremonialize this Northern extreme.  This became evident in 1987 when archaeoastronomers finally realized that the extreme Northern Moon at the standstill season passed through the rock chimneys. Before that, most of them arrogantly assumed that the Native Americans could not have known of this!  I was there to witness this amazing event in 2006.  I invite anyone near Chimney Rock, to go at this Full Moon and see if the Moon is far enough out-of-bounds now, to go between the chimneys.  It sure will be at 2024-2025 nearest to December Solstice Full Moon.

I will be writing a lot more about this over the next year, in preparation for this most important punctuation point in the unfolding great Turning of the Ages.  Meanwhile, please consider joining us for our Solstice presentations:  CLICK HERE

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