Three Most Important “Seed” Alignments to Consider


By Daniel Giamario

  1. MARCH EQUINOX AND FULL MOON—The Equinox was exact Sunday at 8:33AM PST.  The 0 Aries point is the one thing that astronomers and astrologers agree on, as both begin their coordinate systems here.  Globally and historically, a great number of cultures, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere, have recognized the March equinox as the NEW YEAR.  Numerous cultures then would use the closest New Moon to the Equinox to amplify and ceremonialize New Year, and sometimes the closest Full Moon would serve.  This year, we noticed how close the Full Moon last Friday was to the weekend equinox.  This was also another of a long string of Full Moons at the 27th degree, thus in aspect with the US Pluto and its return.  This amplified March Equinox can be thought of as a “seed” point for the entire next year.  The Zuni, among others thought so.
  2. ARIES NEW MOON at 11:24PM PST on MARCH 31ST; CLOSEST NEW MOON TO MARCH EQUINOX.  This New Moon at 11Aries31would have been used most frequently as the “seed point” for the upcoming year.  We clearly have two times for the seeding of intentions for the year.  Especially consider the first tiny crescent that appears the evening of April 2nd for ceremony and prayer.  The ancient Egyptians, as well as various Islamic civilizations thought to do so.
  3. JUPITER CONJUNCT NEPTUNE SEED POINT on APRIL 12th.  This is likely the most important of all.  The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces only occurs every 166 years.  The conjunction of two or more outer planets is among the greatest of seed points, only less significant than the Turning of the Ages itself.  This conjunction sets a tone for the 166 years to come.  Much is being spoken and written about concerning this great highlight of 2022.  Our school will weigh in on Friday. Click HERE to learn more and register.  Jupiter reached a 10 degree orb with Neptune around February 24th, initiating the global implications of the transit.  Therefore this Jupiter/Neptune seeding has been beginning with the March Equinox, Full Moon, and New Moon timeframe.  Also keep in mind that this great outer planet conjunction is amplifying the currently active Neptune opposition to the US Neptune, too often overshadowed by the Pluto return.

As the ever accelerating bifurcation in the United States and most of the world continues unabated, it is so important that those of us who are awake and paying attention, to strongly intend through meditation and prayer an outcome that retains our basic organic humanity, and crucially; to strengthen our sovereignty and autonomy, so necessary for connecting to our higher selves, so as to be guided to aligning with our life purpose.  And as astrologers, ceremony with the land and sky, and directly connecting with the stellar and planetary essences is why astrology can be “shamanic”.

March 23rd is Dane Rudhyar’s birthdate, 127 years since his birth.  Here is one of my favorite quotes of his that relates to some of the points made above:

“The Divine incarnates only in the individual—which overshadows the group.  The supreme responsibility always lies with the individual.  At the exact moment, in the most definite manner, Destiny acts and speaks through the individual.”


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