Total Lunar Eclipse, Thoughts and Suggestions for Ceremony


November 4, 2022

To paraphrase the United States political class, this is the most important total Lunar Eclipse of our lifetime!  Unlike elections, it quite possibly is. In this article I want to share some practical advice regarding how to ceremonially work with a Lunar Eclipse. But first some factoids about this eclipse:

  • The duration of the eclipse is 5 hours and 54 Minutes
  • Totality lasts 1 hour and 25 minutes
  • The Moon at 16Taurus01 will be close to the North Node at 13Taurus24, with the Sun at 16Scorpio01 close to the South Node at 13Scorpio24.  

Being a full Moon, the entire nodal axis is equally accessed.

  • This is Lunar Eclipse Saros 136.  

Here are a few past and future Lunar Eclipses of the same family. 

All are Total:

  1. September 4, 1914
  2. September 14, 1932
  3. September 26, 1950
  4. October 6, 1968
  5. October 17, 1986
  6. October 28, 2004
  7. November 8, 2022
  8. November 18, 2040
  • This is the only total eclipse to ever occur on a US election day.
  • The eclipse happens with Venus and Mercury off the world stage, on the other side of the Sun in the exterior underworld.

Mars is retrograde close to the US natal Mars. 

The final exact Pluto conjunct Pluto of the US Pluto return nears, 

as well as the final portion of her Neptune opposition.


The entire United States, Canada and Mexico will experience all of the total phase, but the Eastern portions will miss the final partial as the Moon sets beforehand. Totality will be experienced across a wide swath of the globe, from Eastern Russia and China, Southwest Asia, Australia, New Zealand in the early evening, to the United States and half of South America in the early morning. Where I live in Asia, we will have a great view just after evening Moonrise. Hawaii has great viewing around midnight.

You can check to find your exact timings.  

As an example, here are the timings for Phoenix, AZ:

Partial Begins at 2:09am MST, seen as waning Moon

Totality Begins at 3:16am MST, one hour, 24 minutes and 57 seconds of totality

Partial Begins again at 4:41am MST, seen as waxing Moon

Partial ends at 5:49am MST, Moon is back to Full

In the nearly six hours, the Moon can be seen to go through an entire monthly lunation.


Over the course of my 53 years in the astrological world, I have been somewhat obsessed with eclipses, both Solar and Lunar. I have only been twice successful in viewing a total Solar, three times with Solar Annular Eclipses, and many total and partial Lunar Eclipses. I wish to suggest a few ways here to work with this Lunar Eclipse. Even if you don’t ceremonially work with it, don’t ignore it or take it lightly. The Shadow elements of Lunar Eclipses are not to be overlooked.

First Partial Phase

As the Moon begins to wane, use this time to call up and out any personal and collective shadow of the signs of Scorpio and Taurus, with Leo and Aquarius not far behind. Honesty, the personal shadow is particularly relevant should you have any important personal placements (angles, nodes, inner planets) in the vicinity of 16Scorpio/Taurus. Being a Total Lunar, an orb up to 15 degrees can be significant, though the closer the better. If there are no connections to your personal chart, then work with the shadow of the collective, past and present, of these four signs. Should you be in a group of friends dedicated to this sacred purpose, this can be shared in ceremony. If alone, writing down the insights can help in assisting the inquiry. This whole process can be done under the Moon, combining the group or personal inquiry with observation of the waning Moon.

Shadow suggestions:  Consider that all signs in play are self exploration/self-interest signs: 

  • TAURUS: Money and security issues; body security and safety issues; unwillingness to change; unwillingness to just savour and enjoy life without guilt and the need to earn it.
  • SCORPIO:  Misuse of power and control; the need to keep things hidden; any belief that your will is more important than Universal Will.
  • LEO:  Elitism; entitlement; the need to be special; egoic attachment to being the Vision Carrier; false class and hierarchical attachments.
  • AQUARIUS:  Egoic attachment to believing you are exempt from the full Human journey; a detachment that is often a splitting off that refuses to have anything to do with the middle world; spiritual bypassing and toxic positivity.

Total Phase 

This is a powerful portal of transmission and insight. This is a time to just be empty, don’t try to do anything. Be open to receiving guidance without expectation. Just be curious and allow yourself to be surprised. Transmissions from the celestial and universal realm are now possible. Imagine it as your future self reaching down to get your attention.

Whether alone or in a group, the safe container in sacred space should be grounded and secure. As best as possible, don’t wander out of the group, as this is prone to attract the shadow.

Second Partial Phase

As the Moon starts to wax, notice the first slim crescent. At this time, actively intend your desire for yourself and the world. Imagine this as a magnified and amplified version of any New Moon Ceremony. This can be shared if you are in a group. If alone, speak it out, declare it. In both cases, writing it down can be helpful. Following these actions, feel free to eat, drink and be merry! Celebration is recommended! If the eclipse occurred in the evening, there is no problem in drifting into the sleep state at this time.

Even if this Lunar Eclipse is not the most important of our lifetime, you can make it that for yourself, should you choose!

I am open to your feedback of your experiences.

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