Uranus, Mercury and Another OOB Moon

May 8, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |

Sun Conjunct Uranus

Putting a capper on the Beltane cross-quarter penumbral lunar eclipse is the Sun’s yearly conjunction with Uranus. This occurs at 12:56pm PDT on Tuesday, May 9, at 18Taurus58. These kinds of events create a three-day window of Uranian intensity, in the same zodiacal zone as the Full Moon and cross-quarter. The unexpected and unpredictable happenings associated with Uranus are amplified. Uranus is now on the other side of the Sun and off the world stage. Downloads of extreme novelty can be received by Uranus from the galactic dimensions.

This Uranian emphasis is coupled with another extreme out-of-bounds moon from Monday through Wednesday, with the Sagittarius and Capricorn Moons again reaching as far as 27S56 declination. Uranus plus an OOB Moon greatly amplifies the sense of eccentricity and uniqueness. This is a fine time for all outlanders, outsiders, and heretics – an invitation to all of you who desire to not be assimilated into the matrix!

Mercury Taurus Overstory

Meanwhile, Mercury is in the most mysterious phase in its synodic cycle. The time from the interior conjunction on May 1 until Mercury’s stationary direct on Sunday, May 14, is the time of the most extreme metamorphosis into the primary archetype of the next synodic overstory. That next synodic overstory begins May 14 at 5Taurus51. The Taurus overstory will then unfold for 124 days up to September 15. The metamorphosis is from Capricorn into Taurus. Production, achievement and practicality make way for savoring and taking pleasure in physicality. Slowing down the mind becomes paramount.

Blazing Venus

As a final note, Venus now at a blazing -4.2 magnitude and remaining visible almost three hours after dark, is just crossing over the Galactic Edge, below the feet of the Twins, in the center of the Lakotan Sacred Hoop of Creation. This stellar zone is what many ancient traditions perceived to be the area where souls enter into incarnation. In another way, it can also be imagined as a place where new instructions from the galactic realms can be received. Open to these transmissions by being with Venus and the Moon under the night sky!

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