Venus and Chiron Stationary Retrograde

July 24, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |

Two important planetary turning points are happening as we begin the week. Both have multiple areas of significance.


On Saturday, July 22, 6:33pm PDT, at 28Leo35 and quite near the Lion Heart Star Regulus, Venus stationed retrograde. Only 29 degrees from the Sun, she is now rapidly descending in the evening sky into the interior underworld, disappearing from view around August 8.

There are quite a few astrological interpretations and commentaries regarding the time of a Venus retrograde. The approach taken by TOTAMS is to place each individual cycle within a larger context – the larger framework of the Venus Synodic Overstory which in this case began with the heliacal rise of Venus in the sign of Capricorn on January 14, 2022.

This initiated the 584-day Venus Capricorn Overstory, now drawing to a close.

The current evening star retrograde cycle begins the mysterious metamorphic transformation of the Capricorn Venus Overstory into the Leo one, Leo being the sign of Venus at her next heliacal rise around August 19, 2023.

Several interesting things to note are that Venus will almost always enter the sign of the next overstory sometime before the retrograde and the heliacal rise. Venus entered Leo on June 5, 2023, and remains in Leo for an astonishing 126 days! For Venus and Mars, when retrograde in their cycles, they are also closest to Earth, brightest, and stay the longest periods of time in the same sign.

Far from being diminished or without connotation of anything negative, Venus retrograde signifies transformation and transmutation. It is a highly mysterious process, not particularly intended to be “seen”, as a great deal of the cycle is off the world stage. The emphasis is on the sign of the transformation, here being Leo. This particular Venus in Leo transformation takes place every eight years. The intent is to develop heart-centered sovereignty, devoid of ego or narcissism – not the “King of Tyranny” or the “Queen” who is unwittingly serving the patriarchy or in judgment of all men; but instead a version of Leo for both women and men that operates from radical, radiant Self-Love and inspires others to be all they can be in alignment with their dharma.

On July 24, TOTAMS presents this Yearly Highlight Seminar: Venus and Mars Cycles and The Great Saga

In addition, starting in late August, there will be a new Venus Cycle Group to work ceremonially with the new 19-month Venus in Leo Overstory.



On Sunday, July 23, 5:42am PDT, Chiron also stationed retrograde at 19Aries57. Retrogradation is a yearly event for planetary bodies beyond the asteroid belt.

However, this retrograde has specific significance for the United States. On the July 4 1776 U.S. birth-chart, Chiron is at 20Aries08. So this time period denotes the U.S.’ fifth Chiron return since its inception. Using the initiatory cycle framework of TOTAMS, I have thought that this stationary retrograde point is the effective start of this U.S. Chiron return.

And then, there is the upcoming April 8, 2024, so-called “Great American Eclipse”. That Eclipse is at 19Aries24!! And what could make us doubt any credulity, Chiron and the degree of the eclipse are exactly the same! Not only is it the start of the U.S. Chiron return, but also a precursor to next year’s eclipse, at the height of the return.

Certainly, a Chiron return, for an individual or a country, is the opportunity to explore the fracture points and shadow, and how healing can take place. The great question is thus whether the U.S. WILL this time address those fracture points and shadows – after pretty much NOT addressing them before.

Time will tell.

A special recommendation goes out to my colleague, Dale O’Brien, a Chiron specialist. Whilst not using the same U.S. chart or astrological paradigm as I, his work on Chiron and on the world situation match really well. Here is a link to his latest:


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