Venus and Mars Portals of Initiation and Out-of-Bounds Moon

April 23, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |

TOTAMS Annual Convergence, Oracle/Arizona. Photo: Daniela Dawson

I find myself still bathing in the afterglow of our recently completed all-school gathering in aptly named, Oracle, Arizona. A fabulous time was had by all. 

Now, with the first eclipse of the eclipse season behind us and the tiny young crescent moon appearing in the West, I want to feature three celestial happenings over these next few days.

Moon conjunct Venus

On Sunday, April 23, at 5:43am PDT, the Moon reaches Venus at 14Gemini13, opening the Fifth chakra portal gate.  The Venus 584-day synodic overstory of Capricorn is approaching its conclusion on August 6 when she descends into the interior underworld, and prepares to metamorphically change into the Leo overstory at her heliacal rise on August 19. 

Venus is now at her most radiant beauty, 41 degrees from the Sun, with her greatest elongation still to come on June 4. This 5th chakra gate opens the possibility of the full power of our voice and communication capacities. It’s rather fitting that the Moon-Venus conjunction is in the sign of Gemini. Immediately following the previous 4th chakra passage, we invite that our communications come from the heart! In North America, on Saturday evening, April 22, the Moon was found about 5 degrees below Venus, and by Sunday evening it will be 7 degrees beyond Venus. Both evenings will bring delight. Venus is currently quite a bit out-of-bounds (24N42), as well as the Moon being even more OOB, both north of the ecliptic. Notice whether you see if they pass between the horns of the Bull, or above the right horn.

Moon conjunct Mars

On Tuesday, April 25, at 8:08pm PDT, a slowly growing crescent Moon joins Mars, at 16Cancer20. This conjunction is well placed for Northern American evening viewing. A good 71 degrees from the Sun, Mars has the stars Pollux and Castor in the constellation of the Twins nearby. Mars also remains out-of-bounds at 24N23 declination. Within the currently unfolding Gemini Mars Overstory, this conjunction is the third one in Phase 2 of his 25+ month journey.  Phase 2 is the Quest Phase, where a youthful Mars encounters challenges and tests – the labors of Mars. In this case, it involves the encounter with the Moon within the gates of duality and polarity, and his capacity to see beyond duality and polarity. Collectively, it reminds us that the U.S. chart has Mars in Gemini. Two of the U.S. chart’s greatest shadow expressions involve Cancer and Gemini. SEE MY U.S.COLLECTION

Moon widely OOB again

From Sunday through Tuesday the Gemini and Cancer Moons will again be far out-of-bounds. On Monday evening it will be as far as 27N56 declination. Combined with the recent start of a Mercury retrograde period, totally expect the unexpected in these days! But it’s also a great time to express your authentic self and unique individuality, and as much as possible stand aside from consensus reality and what is considered normal (average).

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