Venus at the Solar Plexus Chakra

By Sheridan Semple

Thursday May, 26th

Today, the waning crescent Moon meets up with Venus, signifying our movement into the Solar Plexus Chakra. Our beloved Sacred Feminine continues her journey downward through the chakras heading towards the Underworld initiation. This time assisted by Pluto… again.

The Moon and Venus meet exactly at 9pm MDT in Aries. It will be beautiful sky viewing early tomorrow morning. We can see almost all of the visible planets in the morning sky right now. When Mercury joins the lineup, later in June, we’ll have the magic of seeing them all.

Following the most ancient astronomical stories of Inanna from Sumer, we journey with our personal Sacred Feminine through the chakras, clearing and cleansing on the way down. This Moon-Venus conjunction takes us into our Solar Plexus Chakra where we have an opportunity to look at the blockages or distortions we have around our personal power.

Pluto is square this Moon-Venus conjunction, adding an element of transformative power and juice. Pluto and Venus have danced several times together during this Venus cycle and they interact again at this Chakra Gate.

I don’t know about you, but this chakra is a big one for me – personal power and strength. I’ll be up early, communing with Venus and the Moon, doing Ceremony and setting my intention for what I want to release around my Solar Plexus Chakra over the next month. Like the Moon cycle, we have a month to focus solely on this chakra, until the waning crescent Moon comes around to visit with Venus again in June. Then, we’ll move into the Sacral Chakra.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as we move into this chakra. What needs to clear for me to stand more firmly in my power? What distortions prevent me from using my power confidently? How do I release any blockages to my personal strength?

I love using aromatherapy for spiritual support. Red Pine for the Moon and Venus in Aries – a strong, grounded tree, filled with strength and protection. Add some Vetiver to gently hold our hands through Pluto’s involvement. Cistus for the Solar Plexus Chakra – a beautiful yellow essential oil that helps us to stand strong in our power center.

Blessings on your journey through your Solar Plexus Chakra!

The picture above I took the day before we moved into the Heart Chakra in April, with Venus, Jupiter and the applying Moon, over the Ponderosa Pine forest outside of Flagstaff, Arizona.

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