Venus-Chiron Conjunction May 15, 2022

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By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

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Venus-Chiron Conjunction May 15, 2022

At 14°44’ Aries, Venus joins Chiron in conjunction on May 15th.  This conjunction is taking place on the same day as the Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, which happens in the evening in the Americas and on the morning of the 16th in Europe and Africa.  Venus is within 1 degree of Chiron between May 14-16.  Eris will also be only 10 degrees away, contributing to this conjunction.

Like all planetary bodies, Venus will usually conjunct them once per year.  But 2022 takes on a deeper level frequency with the tension and wounds in the world, having suffered from pandemic, autocratic regimes, wars, extreme climate changes and increasing humanitarian crises around the world.  In this conjunction, we look to what Venus brings to an already potent initiation from Chiron in Aries.

Venus in Aries is about bringing in a strength of purpose and mission from the archetypal feminine, a sense of leading the charge to what Chiron has been helping humanity create for itself.  Venus in Aries is a mythical Amazon Warrior archetype, trusting their instincts to overcome obstacles and meet challenges head-on.  Since Chiron is about “healer, heal-thyself”, fully grieving what we have lost, which includes soulful digestion of our traumas and wounds, Venus, in these few days, may help us face these personal and global crises.

In the US, we are approaching another Chiron Return, which begins in 2023 as the US was birthed when Chiron was in the sign of Aries.  Our wounds run very deep and are a long way from being healed.  Aries is a sign that has been used to conquer continents by any means necessary to fulfill its mission, but perhaps in these years it can redirect its mission to face and come to terms with the unhealed fractures.

We can see a healthy Aries showing up in defense of its mission in helping those in times of crisis such as disaster zones and rebuilding.  This is one way the feminine can show up and find its place or role to what they believe in and can devote themselves to their mission.

But beyond just the US, modern-age humanity (and specifically Western Culture) hasn’t fully come to terms with its own original wound, the separation from the Earth Mother.  This “healing” is not an intellectual process or solved with meditation.  With Aries, it is through instinct and action, but also admitting and understanding that in order to gain the strength it needs to carry on, Aries must first meet the challenge of grieving and healing.

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