Venus/Mars Conjunction Number 2

MARCH 7, 2022

Prelude to the Shadow of Aquarius- Revisited

By Daniel Giamario

The anticipated second exact morning sky conjunction of Venus and Mars happened at 11:12PM PST Saturday March 5th at 0Aquarius01.  Mars had entered Aquarius at 10:23PM PST, followed minutes later by Venus at 10:30PM PST.  This is nearly the exact place of the recent Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of December 2020 that I speculated was possibly a “Divine Conjunction”, heralding the end and beginning of an entire 26,000 year precessional cycle (see my recent vlogcast on this here  Within the current Venus/Mars Saga, which our school calls the Rapunzel/Dumuzi saga, this morning star apparition will last until Venus and Mars leave a 10degree orb on April 12th.  Venus and Mars are currently a good 43degrees away from the Sun, and well placed for morning viewing before dawn (along with Saturn and the slowly fading Mercury).

Looking ahead, later in the month, Venus catches up with Saturn on March 28th at 21Aquarius42, followed by a Mars/Saturn conjunction on April 4th at 22Aquarius21.  Within our understanding of the Venus/Mars Saga, this portion of the greater 26 month time-frame mythically corresponds with the time-frame that Rapunzel and the Prince re-unite and “live happily ever after”.  But are there greater global implications at play?  Relative to Male/Female relations, this is now the union of the synodic overstory of Venus in Capricorn with the synodic overstory of Mars in Aries; now being played out in the sign of Aquarius.  Certainly the attention is on Aquarius, but which Aquarius?

Just as the subject of the “Age of Aquarius” has created a great deal of confusion, I am not referring here to the controversies around when this “Age” begins.  (Our school believes the shift is the time-frame of 1962-2034).  Instead, I emphasize the great confusion that abounds regarding the difference between the constellation of the Water Bearer that references any age shift, and the “sign” of Aquarius.  These are so often confused or unknowingly used interchangeably. I will be writing and speaking to this issue repeatedly as we progress through this month.

As Venus and Mars have now entered the sign of Aquarius, and will soon join Saturn in Aquarius, what is the intent (both Shadow and Light)?  The issue here is the sign of Aquarius—not the Water Constellation of the Water Bearer as a symbol of a New Age (relative to the March Equinox).  The constellation is Water, the sign is Air.  I plan a deeper dive into this often seen misunderstanding.

My sense is that the traditional ruler of the sign, being Saturn, is very much trying a top-down control of the sign of Aquarius.  On a world stage, this suggests the technocratic hive mind fake unity run by a scientific elite (actually with the religion of “scientism”) to impose their vision of collective global humanity without our awareness or conscious acceptance of it.  Remember that Pluto soon enters Aquarius.  As I will explore as these weeks unfold, the Venus/Mars conjunction in Aquarius has major implications in the unfolding race towards transhumanism and transdgenderism, with the not so hidden motive of removing human 1.0 biological sexuality.  This includes the hijack of the word sex with “gender”.  That I have explored extensively in previous videos. CLICK HERE to watch.  I suggest a deep inquiry into these subjects over these next weeks, hopefully with you getting direct transmissions and insights from Venus and Mars directly.

Meanwhile Jupiter is currently on the other side of the Sun, in the celestial underworld, gathering insight and strength as he approaches his fateful encounter with Neptune,


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