Venus-Mars-Moon-Vesta-Pluto Stellium – February 27, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

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February 27th is a potent day as part of a multi-week period with Mars, Venus, Vesta and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn because the Moon has joined the alignment.  And it is all taking place the early morning sky.

This very rare alignment of planets and Vesta hasn’t taken place since 1955, but that was in the sign of Leo.  The alignment didn’t take place at all the last time Pluto was in the sign of Capricorn.  But there was a similar alignment of these planets (except for Vesta) back in 1791, when Pluto was in the sign of Aquarius, but that is the closest one (although Mars and Venus will conjunct in Aquarius on March 5/6 only about 2 degrees away from Pluto) to this time we currently live in. That was a time of the ongoing French Revolution and the implementation of the US Constitution.

The night sky in the early morning sky is the place to be!  Venus rises about 2 ½ hours before the Sun, Mars follows soon after with the Moon and Saturn almost an hour before sunrise.  Only Vesta and Pluto won’t be visible but the night sky map included with this post will give a good idea of where to look in the configuration complex of planets.

What does this mean, astrologically?

Capricorn is the overriding experience here and its all in how the planets “channel” it, energetically, with us.  We can ask ourselves what is truly important? We can inquire about what it takes to sustain a comfortable life but not a life to excess. Where do our responsibilities fall upon? Are we taking responsibility for what we are aligned with in our soul’s journey? How will it benefit the livability of future generations (not just to live but to thrive)?

The Moon is conjunct Venus, Mars, Pluto and Vesta all on the same day of February 27th.  It’s important for us to get clear with our practical sides, but also to detoxify the systems and structures within ourselves that have completed their stories and/or usefulness.  Perhaps we have held on to them for too long or maybe we didn’t know they were there, buried deep within our psyche?

With Vesta and Pluto involved, we can include a hearty dose of the deep waters of surrender from Pluto and a sacred reverence of the initiation itself in Vesta.  Meaning, this powerful and dynamic multi-week meeting of Mars and Venus takes on a new kind of wavelength with these other celestial bodies.

This alignment of planets is intending for the masculine and feminine working together side-by-side to accomplish something in the far future that is in harmony with Earth and humanity.   But it is a chthonic experience of the physical realm.

The recent attack on Ukraine by Russia illustrates the resistance to taking responsibilities for future generations and long-term sustainability by utilizing violence as a “resource”.  It is showing (among other examples in the world) that humanity has a LOT of work to do to co-create healthy human structures and systems.  Although, Pluto in Capricorn does represent a composting of structures and systems in very powerful ways.

Mars, Venus and Pluto have had many other “looser” conjunctions throughout the 20th century, but it has been over 24 years since Pluto, Mars and Venus have been together.  However, another alignment very similar to the March 5/6 alignment will take place in February, 2024 in Aquarius, with Pluto in that sign as well.

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