Venus, Mercury and Sun Conjunct South Node in the Eclipse Season

November 2, 2022

By Daniel Giamario

I and others have been writing and sharing about this eclipse season, from the partial Solar Eclipse until the total Lunar Eclipse (October 25 – November 8). The transiting nodal axis, a primary part of the eclipse season phenomena, has also had a large part to play with the Saturn square Uranus finale. We have already experienced back in August the extremely rare alignment of the North Lunar Node with Uranus and Mars. 

But recently the nodal zone of 12-14Taurus/Scorpio has captured my attention when looking at the chart of the 1929 US stock market crash of October 24-29 1929. The nodal axis had the North Node at 12Taurus33 and the South Node at 12Scorpio33. This led to my initial awareness of a 93-year synodic cycle of the nodal axis back to the same approximate date! Yes, five nodal cycles of 18.6 years come back to their starting point after 93 years! The Nodal axis is now at 13Taurus24 / 13Scorpio24.

Three Nodal events of this week bring our awareness to this even more:

1) Wednesday, Nov 2, 5:34pm PDT, Venus conjuncts the South Node at 13Scorpio24

2) Saturday, Nov 5, 1:25pm PDT, the Sun conjuncts the South Node at 13Scorpio24

3) Sunday, Nov 6, 3:20pm PDT, Mercury conjuncts the South Node at 13Scorpio23.

What a remarkable lead-up to the US election day – incidentally the only time in history such an event is happening with a total Lunar Eclipse! 

This just adds to what we already are aware of: Venus in the Underworld, Mars retrograde and out-of-bounds, the approaching last exact Pluto return and Neptune opposition initiatory window, and the eclipse highlighting Aldebaran and Antares.

Planetary alignments with the South Node almost exclusively concern the past, both collectively and individually. The European partial Solar Eclipse was a South Node eclipse and the Sun will again be close to the South Node for the November 8 total Lunar Eclipse. 

Now we can include Mercury and Venus in our desire to receive clues from Great Mystery. The shadow is always involved in this case. Mercury symbolizes perception, cognition and communication. Venus symbolizes the feminine principle in both women and men. Mercury and Venus are both in the external underworld and off the world stage. 

Will global humanity be able to honestly address the collective shadow of the US and the “West”? Perhaps not, but each of us can honestly address our own knowing or unknowing participation in the shadow aspects of Scorpio and Taurus. That individual internal spiritual work is crucial. 

With Venus this involves our relationships and our connection with money. What do we allocate “value” to? With Mercury, are we in fear – as lots of collective and personal instinctual memories are surfacing? Are our conversations loving and respectful? Are we able to perceive all three worlds at the same time? (see my article:

My personal feeling is that the synodic nodal return may not be another stock market crash. As difficult as the great depression was, it did not involve the entire world. I think this timeframe portends something far more global. I suspect a connection with the move towards digital currency and the elimination of cash, a universal tracking and tracing system, and an attempt to impose a radically new version of “human being”.

It is hard for me to imagine a more portentous window of both opportunity and challenge for global humanity. I personally hope we can remember what a human being actually is!

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