Venus-Neptune conjunction April 27, 2022

Facebook April 27th, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

The Pisces archetype is continuing to be strongly activated this month and into early May.  Venus has moved into a conjunction with Neptune today at 24 degrees, 28 minutes of Pisces (sign, not constellation).

In shamanic astrology, Venus represents the feminine principle and has a resonance with the sign of Taurus.  Neptune connects us beyond 3rd-dimensional reality and “into the mystic”.  Neptune can act as a reality-dissolving agent as well.  Jupiter is fairly close at less than 3 degrees away at 27 degrees, Pisces, expanding the qualities of the Venus-Neptune conjunction.

The waning crescent Moon just finished a conjunction with Neptune, Venus and Jupiter in the early morning and on its way to big date with the Sun for a partial solar eclipse on the 30th.  The Moon’s transit by any planet activates the qualities of the sign and planet.  This means that Pisces has a potent impact in our current world and continuing over the next few days and into May as Venus also conjuncts Jupiter on the 30th.

The qualities of Pisces strongly resonate with Neptune as well and to some degree Jupiter as well.  The common thread of all of that is that of spiritual desires and ecstatic experiences (especially with Source or Creation).  This is a wonderful time period to get lost in other realities as a way to open the heart and soul beyond the complexities of the mundane.  Perhaps empathy can rise and healing can pour in?

Beyond our reality though can come unfulfilled dreams, illusions about our truths and we are truly experiencing in our life.  So this can take us away from our goals as well, but if we free ourselves from the manacles of our ego, we may end up with a broader sense of where we may strive toward.

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